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Crysis 2 Delayed Into 2011

Electronic Arts’ most recent financial data says that Crysis 2 has been delayed into early 2011. This could be a classic example of a game caught between juggernauts of its genre, now matter when it comes out. EA’s financials this week listed the first person shooter for quarter 4 fiscal year 2011 – translating to after 2010 but no later than March 2011. Originally the game was slated for late 2010, then autumn – suggesting a September or October date. Read More


Crytek UK Not Ruling Out TimeSplitters 4

The development studio of Crytek UK, formerly known as Free Radical, recently revealed in an interview with Develop that while they are prepared to move forward with a TimeSplitters 4, no such project is actually underway. This came in reply to the notion that the company won't be able to shake the rumor that they've been working on something. ""Going forward, we've always made it very clear that we want to build original games and we're going to do that, and we are concepting some of that up at the moment," Crytek UK MD Karl Hilton responded. "It's early days, but there's some really exciting stuff that we're concepting." "When we're ready we'll talk to publishers, and hopefully publishers will like it, and we'll own and produce those games in our own studio." Read More


Free Radical Asks What You Want to See on Your Nintendo Wii

Timesplitters seems like such a perfect fit for the Wii, which is why it's a lucky thing that the team behind the series, Free Radical, is interested in what gamers are looking for on that particular console:In their latest poll they ask the following question Coming up on the Wii, I want to see with the following answers: * More regular games like on other consoles * More games using different peripherals like the balance board * More short, 'pick up and play' games * Nothing. I'm bored of Wii -- DS-X2You can find the poll itself right here. This follows a previous poll in which gamers were asked what system they would like to see Timesplitters 4 on, and the Wii was apparently the most chosen answer. Read More


Rumor: Star Wars Battlefront III to Come to Wii Courtesy of Free Radical

Just yesterday, it was noticed that listings for Star Wars Battlefront III were popping up on Amazon.com, but as of today have been removed. But sources say that the game is indeed coming to current-gen consoles, including the Wii. According to the tipsters, the Wii version is being brought in by TimeSplitters developer Free Radical, who in 2006 stated they had entered into an agreement with LucasArts to work on a "top secret property." Naturally, LucasArts won't comment. But then, after all the layoffs, one has but to wonder if there's even anyone left to comment. In any case, we may be left in the dark for awhile, as LucasArts is not expected to show Battlefront III at E3. Read More


Haze Taking a Dip in Gamestop's Bargain Bin -- Already

This is our review of Haze, the PS3's flagship exclusive FPS for the first half of the year. Now, I want you to study this review long and hard -- drive your peepers into the depths of your computer screen -- in order to find a certain nugget of info: the date on which the review was posted. Yeah, see that? May 29. And we weren't late with the review -- oh no -- Haze hit shelves within a few days of our brilliant write-up. So, what's the deal? Haze is a bad game. And thus, even in spite of Sony's Korn-fueled advertising campaign, Haze has fallen out of gamers' good graces -- and right into the bargain bin. Gamestop's weekly ad touts Haze's new low, low price of $39.99 -- a $20 drop from its lofty launch price. Guess Ubisoft didn't put enough nectar in our water. (Yup, I took this article just so I could use that joke.) We'll probably never know what went wrong in the bubbling cauldrons at Free Radical labs, but let's just hope it doesn't happen again with TimeSplitters 4. C'mon Free Radical, you know you're better than this! Read More


Haze Release Date = May 22?

According to MCV, Free Radical's regularly-delayed shooter, Haze, now has a release date. The site is reporting that the game will hit PlayStation 3 on May 22. Originally due to release in December 2007, Haze has been delayed several times. The first-person shooter is in development by the same team responsible for the TimeSplitters series. Read More