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Take control of Toki and her double personality, Towa, in this gorgeous, hand-drawn, cel-shaded game from NIS.

Time and Eternity Review

"Innovation" is a term tossed around lightly these days, but some studios actually do go that extra mile to really showcase innovation in the games they make. Time & Eternity, at first, seems like that type of game, the type that will turn the genre on top of its head. However, extended playtime reveals that its shiny paint could have benefited from a few extra coats. The game starts off with a fairly good premise. A marriage goes awry and Toki's (the redhead) husband gets slain right after saying "I do." This causes Towa (the blonde), Toki's alternate soul to take over and dispatch any of the leftover enemies. It's then up to Toki and Towa to utilize time magic and travel back to prevent this catastrophe from happening again. The time... Read Review

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