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Tiger Woods Double Bogies In Sales

Seems Tiger Woods just can't catch a break these days as it's being reported that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is seeing embarrassingly low sales compared to last year's game. According to data from the NPD Group, this year's golf-centric title has only managed to eke out 32 percent of what it sold last year during the same time frame. Seems Tiger may be losing his bite. Possible explanations for the downswing after the break. Read More


'EA'3 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour '11 Interview

Last week, an elite crack team from Kombo infiltrated EA headquarters to get the scoop on some upcoming games before the media carpet bombing known as E3 begins. Expect more like this as the week drags on. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '11 brings two improvements over past games in the series: New swinging styles utilize the Wii's MotionPlus to track swing angle in addition to rotation and velocity, and the True View camera mode puts players directly in the shoes of the golfer. EA's goal this time around is "to really put you into the game, playing as you would on the course." Check out the video to witness Swaraj Thakker's realization that he's "not quite Tiger Woods- yet." Read More


THQ Joins the Activation Code Trend

THQ has announced on short notice that it will actually beat EA to the punch when it comes to locking away game content behind activation codes. This is obviously becoming a catchy trend at this point. UFC Undisputed 2010 will be the first sports game that will lock away multiplayer content behind an activation code that will only come with new copies. This puts them right alongside EA, Ubisoft, and to a lesser extent other developers. THQ's system doesn't seem like a complete carbon copy of EA's however. Where EA will charge $10 for new codes t o the online modes of its sports games, THQ is only charging $5 for Undisputed 2010's multiplayer. Where EA will offer a seven-day trial period before requiring code activation, THQ hasn't announced anything similar. Read More


EA Explains Why They Stood By Tiger

Electronic Arts explained to CNBC this week upon the full release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online why they maintained their relationship with the golfer amid his scandal. Since Tiger's car crash last November that led to the revelation of marital infidelities, he has undoubtedly lost many of his product endorsements. EA is one company that has steadfastly refused to pull out because their relationship with Tiger differs those that other companies had. "He's been on the masthead of our game for 12 years. He's in the game. He's not an arm's length endorser," said EA Sports president Peter Moore to CNBC's Power Lunch. Any other product might have Tiger appear in a commercial or on a box to endorse it. When it comes to the EA Sports game however, in many ways Tiger is the product itself. Read More


EA Officially Announces Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Oh boy. This is going to be tough. I mean, like you, I'm completely sick of Tiger Woods jokes. Thus, I'm going to try my darndest to avoid making any of said jokes in the post. Ready? Okay. EA Sports officially announced today that it is developing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. In a surprising move, the game will be released for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii (hopefully retaining Wii MotionPlus support), and iPhone. With no DS or PSP version in the works, this makes the iPhone the only handheld platform the game will be on, perfect for play while hanging out at a sex addiction rehab facility in Mississippi. (Dammit!) The game will hit stores in June, hopefully not as hard as Elan did. (Crap!). With 12 years of history behind the game and over 25 million sold, this one is looking like it shouldn't be mistress...I mean missed! MISSED! Read More