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  • Publisher(s): EA
  • Release Date(s): May 31, 2009
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Become Tiger Woods with the best golf game to ever fit in a shirt pocket. Containing all the features you've come to expect, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2000 gives you complete control to master the toughest holes. Compete on a variety of primier TPC courses and immerse yourself in the life of a TOUR pro. Can you beat the best of the PGA TOUR?

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Review

EA SPORTS™ has dominated just about every computer game sport around, from basketball to NASCAR to crickets. In fact, there are really only two sports where the company has failed to meet expectations. One is baseball, and the other is the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® series. While the 2000 edition adds several new features, including a multiplayer mode where you compete live against the scores of real pro golfers, the aging game experience and shot interface keep this one deep in the sand trap.   For those new to the EA golf line, there are some compelling features. Shooting a round of golf with Tiger Woods is fun and, because of a new licensing pact, completely unique to this title. EA also has exclusive rights to Pebble Beach (commonly considered the best golf... Read Review

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Cheats

Go to the driving range hit the golf cart 3 times Golf cart will explode
If you are tired of getting the line of your swing on the yellow line and you still can't get on it exactly, try this: Aim your players' shot line to the far left. (Usually, its good to align it on his arm.) Then, start the swing and just let it go to full power, don't even mind the accuracy. You will see the shot fly and curve in the air, landing nicely on the fairway, even farther than usual. NOTE: Make sure there are no trees on the left side of the course where you are teeing off, because the ball can hit the trees before it curves. You can always check if the shot is not possible to pull off if the shot line is red. It works on most of the holes anyway.

Game Guru Codes

Unlock PC
These codes require a Game Guru. To use, patch any PGA Tour save file. All Clubs Available WWXWXWXWXWXXVXF RWXWXWXWXWXSVXF LWXWXWXWXHVXF