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THEXDER reactivated. ASTROLOG: YEAR 089 During a routine survey, the interstellar weapons platform Laevina detects Nedium, an asteroid of unknown origin, and soon finds itself in the grip of the planetoid's ultramagnetic field. Shipwrecked atop an impregnable fortress of rock, the starship turns to its last resort-the Hyper Dual Armor prototype Thexder.

Thexder Neo HD Cheats

Restore Energy

Unlock Playstation 3
Enable [Caps Lock] and begin game play. Then, press [Esc], press Y, and press [Esc] again during game play to restore energy.

Full Energy

Unlock Playstation 3
Turn on the [caps lock] and start the game: during the game press [Esc], [Y], [Esc]. You will be fully loaded with energy.