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Cheats for The Tomb Raider Trilogy

Tomb Raider: Underworld Unlockables

  • PS3
  • unlock

Tomb Raider: Underworld Unlockables:

All Environment Concept Art for Arctic Sea and Amelia Concepts Complete Arctic Sea Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Coastal Thailand and Alister Concepts Complete Coastal Thailand Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Croft Manor and Doppelganger Concepts Complete Croft Manor Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Jan Mayen Island and Gear & Artifacts Concepts Complete Ja Mayen Island Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Med Sea and Amanda Concepts Complete Mediterranean Sea Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Mexico and All Men Concepts Complete Southern Mexico Expedition
All Environment Concept Art for Ship and Natla Concepts Complete Andaman Sea Expedition
Creature Concepts Collect every single Treasure
Game Flow Storyboards Complete the entire game on the Master Survivalist difficulty level
Lara Concepts Collect all six Relics
Zip and Winston Concepts Complete Prologue

Tomb Raider: Legend Unlockable Cheats

  • PS3
  • unlock

Tomb Raider: Legend Unlockable Cheats:

Bulletproof Lara clear England under 27:00 in Time Trials.
Infinite grenade launcher Clear Kazakhstan under 27:10 in Time Trials.
Infinite MG415 Ammo Clear Peru under 21:30 in Time Trials.
Infinite RC650 Ammo Clear Japan under 12:15 in Time Trials.
Infinite shotgun Ammo Clear Ghana under 20:00 in Time Trials.
One hit deaths Clear Bolivia (stage 8) under 4:15 in Time Trials.
Show enemy health Clear Bolivia under 12:30 in Time Trials.
Textureless Cheat Clear the game (any difficulty).
Unlock Excalibur Clear Nepal under 13:40 in Time Trials.
Unlock the Soul Reaver Clear the game and complete all time trials.

Tomb Raider: Legend Unlockable Character Profiles

  • PS3
  • unlock

Tomb Raider: Legend Unlockable Character Profiles:

Alister Fletcher Collect 90% of all Bronze rewards
Amanda Evert Collect 70% of all Bronze rewards
Anaya Imanu Collect 30% of all Bronze rewards
James Rutland Collect 50% of all Bronze rewards
Lara Croft Collect 10% of all Bronze rewards
Shogo Takamoto Collect 60% of all Bronze rewards
Toru Nishimura Collect 40% of all Bronze rewards
Unknown Entity Collect 100% of all Bronze rewards
Winston Smith Collect 80% of all Bronze rewards
Zip Collect 20% of all Bronze rewards

Tomb Raider: Legend Outfits

  • PS3
  • unlock
Tomb Raider: Legend Outfits:

Unlockable Music

  • PS3
  • unlock

Unlockable Music:

All Egypt Music Complete Temple of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon and the Sanctuary of the Scion
All Greece Music Complete St. Francis' Folly, Coliseum, Palace Midas and the Tomb of Tihocan
All Lost Island Music Complete Natla's Mines, The Great Pyramid and The Final Conflict
All Peru Music Complete Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, The Lost Valley and the Tomb of Qualopec
Croft Manor music theme Complete Croft Manor

Unlockable Costumes

  • PS3
  • unlock
Unlockable Costumes:

Unlockable Cinematics

  • PS3
  • unlock

Unlockable Cinematics:

A Heated Interrogation complete Peru
A Tough Choice complete Lost City
Ambushed! complete Egypt
Arrival at Khamoon complete Egypt
Arrival at St. Francis' Folly complete Greece
Business Banter complete Greece
Croft Manor complete Croft Manor
Doppelganger Demise complete Lost City
Down But Not Out complete Lost City
Final Confrontation complete Lost City
Introducing Natla complete Peru
Island Arrival complete Lost City
Island Escape complete Lost City
Kold and Kid complete Lost City
Larson Dies complete Lost City
Late Night Reccoinsance complete Peru
Motorcycle Pursuit complete Egypt
Pierre's Demise complete Greece
Retrieving the Scion complete Egypt
Shadow Figures 1 complete Greece
Shadow Figures 2 complete Greece
The Awakening complete Peru
The Banishment of Natla complete Egypt
The End of the Line complete Lost City
The Power of the Scion complete Lost City
The Tomb of Qualopec complete Peru
The Tomb of Tihocan complete Greece
Time to Leave complete Lost City
Unexpected Company complete Peru
Vilcabamba complete Peru
Wolf Attack complete Peru

Unlockable Cheats

  • PS3
  • unlock

Unlockable Cheats:

Infinate Breath Complete game on Easy difficulty.
Sunglasses Complete game on Easy difficulty.
Textureless Mode Complete game on Easy difficulty.

Unlockable Character Bios

  • PS3
  • unlock

Unlockable Character Bios:

Doppelganger Collect 36 artifacts
Kid Collect 14 artifacts
Kold Collect 18 artifacts
Lara Croft Collect 05 artifacts
Larson Collect 09 artifacts
Natla Collect 41 artifacts
Pierre Collect 23 artifacts
Richard Croft Collect 32 artifacts
Winston Collect 27 artifacts

New Unlockable Outfits

  • PS3
  • unlock

New Unlockable Outfits:

Anniversary (Normal) Unlocked at start.
Camouflage (A bit like the Angel of Darkness outfit) Collect one relic in Egypt.
Catsuit (from TR3 and Chronicles) Collect both relics in Egypt.
Classic (polygonal from TR1) Collect both relics in Peru level.
Croft Manor Sport (from TR1) Collect one relic in Greece.
Doppelganger Collect both relics in Lost Island/Atlantis.
Golden (Shown when you step on the hand of Midas) Collect both relics in Greece.
Legend (from TRL) Collect one relic in Peru level.
Scorched Natla Collect all relics.
Wetsuit (from TR2) Collect one relic in Lost Island/Atlantis level.