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The Sims Social Experience

Last month, EA Games put their Facebook-based Sims title into an “open beta.” Despite being referred to as a beta, The Sims Social already feels Read More

Erich Sherman Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

Top 10 Games Hipsters Hate

Hipsters—what the f**k are they? Part man, part cesspool social critic, these members (and I use the term members very loosely) of society hate eve Read More

Lance Liebl Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
Scott Steinberg Says to Game Industry, It\'s Time for a Reality Check

Scott Steinberg Says to Game Industry, It\'s Time for a Reality Check

  In the second episode of Scott Steiner's "Game Theory," a ten minute mini-show about the ever-changing world of video games, industry luminaries weigh in on some of the issues facing publishers today and in the coming years. From the press release: "Titled 'Time for a Reality Check,' the documentary, available now at, explores whether developers and publishers like Activision, UbiSoft and Electronic Arts are really adapting fast enough to survive in the face of growing competition from social networks, downloadable titles and free online games." The video features quite a cast. Hit the jump to read more. Read More

kombo Aug 10, 2010 | Comments
EA Invite Gamers To Create

EA Invite Gamers To Create

  LittleBigPlanet is still a relatively unique title in the world of console gaming. Offering an unprecedented level of freedom to express user creativity, its popularity to this day is testament to its flexibility. And with a sequel on the way, this looks set to continue. Now EA are looking to get in on the imaginative action. Their new title Create, developed by Bright Light Studio, looks set to be an entertaining and imaginative family game. More after the jump. Read More

kombo Aug 3, 2010 | Comments