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Are your Sims ready for the time of their lives? Heading off to college in The Sims 3 University Life opens up new opportunities, from social connections to career growth. From class activities to major-specific objects, your Sim will find new ways to learn! And university isn’t just about hitting the books. Join a protest, flirt at a bonfire party—there’s a lot to explore outside of lectures at the student union. With new locations like the bowling alley and SimBurger to visit, and new activities like juice pong and spray painting murals to enjoy, your Sims are sure to have the time of their lives! Learning is more fun than ever with new major-specific objects. Your Sims can broadcast their own radio show as a Communications student or bone up on anatomy using the skeleton as a Science and Medicine major. Your Sims can also learn through class activities, lectures at the student union, and joining in social activities. Sometimes Sims just need to party though. From hosting bonfires by the lake to doing juice keg stands at a dorm party, there are lots of ways to have a great time and let loose. Grow your social networking skill through texting, blogging and streaming video. This builds your affiliation with the three social groups on campus – the Nerds, the Rebels and the Jocks. Each group offers unique advantages, from earning dream jobs like video game designer to opening up an extra trait. Your University Life experiences will serve you well beyond college. Those with a degree will earn promotions more quickly and have a better-paying entry-level job out of school. The Sims 3 University Life offers everything you'd expect on a real college campus.

The Sims 3 University Life Review

It never ceases to amaze me that despite being nearly four years old, EA can continue to push out expansions for The Sims 3 that still manage to offer a fresh gameplay experience. University Life may not be the most innovative expansion, but when you're on the ninth expansion it tends to get that way. Anyone who has played The Sims 2 will immediately recognize the concept of University Life: attend college to further expand your Sims' future opportunities. It's definitely not original, though it does have plenty to offer fans of the series. First off, it's important to note that University Life is more than just a clone of The Sims 2 University. It still offers the same great features – dorm life, studying, scholarships, mascots, and bonfires – but it... Read Review

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