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  • Available on Nintendo DS
  • Publisher(s): Sega
  • Release Date(s): Feb 07, 2006
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The Rub Rabbits! Cheats

On your birthday, Christmas, or at new year the girl - the girl will wish you a 'that day.'

Hard beat Normal difficulty
Heaven beat Hell difficulty
Hell beat Hard difficulty
Bull survival Beat Scene08
Graffiti time attack Available from the start
Seashells time attack Beat Scene16
Snowball chase time attack Beat Scene23

Unlock Extra Modes

Unlock Nintendo DS

Beating story mode will unlock a sound test and another story.

Studio Option in Maniac Mode

Unlock Nintendo DS

Find 30 Rabbits

Multiplayer Battle Games

Unlock Nintendo DS
Ball Available from the start
Cake Battle (only for 2 Player) Beat Snowball fight in Story (the one against the girl)
Eye Beat eye in Story
Snowball Chase (on normal balls in a garden) Beat Snowball Chase in Story (the one where you chase the girl)
Swimming on a tree Beat the game in Story, where you swim on a tree to save your girlfriend from the crocodiles
Table Hockey (only for 2 Player) Beat Disk in Story

Find 10 Rabbits

Different Ways to Unlock Gloves

Unlock Nintendo DS
# 03 - Hand Puppets Start the game with Sonic Advance 3 in the GBA cart slot
Amy Rose's boxing Gloves Get 77777 hearts or Sonic Battle into your GBA-Slot
Fist Gloves Get 88888 hearts or Chu Chu Rocket into yoour GBA-Slot (the most hearts for the most unfamous game, good deal, SEGA!
Pink glittery Gloves 55555 Hearts or put Sonic Advance 1 or 2 in the GBA-Slot
White Gloves Have Puyo Pop in GBA Slot