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The River is an American paranormal/adventure/horror series that debuted during the 2011–12 television season on ABC as a midseason replacement. It focuses on an expedition set to find famed explorer/adventurer Emmet Cole, the star of his own show, The Undiscovered Country. Not everything is as it seems however, and the Amazon river holds a lot of secrets.

The River (TV Show) Review

Found footage seems to be all the rage these days. What was once used as a plot device for horror movies has expanded beyond its genre, like in the recently released movie Chronicle. After seeing it though, I did realize that the found footage formula, though applicable there, really works better with horror movies. Oren Peli, the director of the original Paranormal Activity, is the mind of the new ABC show, The River.  The River uses the first-person/found footage formula as its basis, but puts it in a TV show format. The show premiered with two back to back episodes. The question is, does it work? The River focuses on the story of the lost Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood), who was once the star of a show called The Undiscovered Country. His show, which ran for over 20 years,... Read Review

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