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The Next BIG Thing revisits with class and humor the fantastic movie genre with a modern, funny adventure packed with hints and references made to popular movies and TV shows. The story introduces the couple of charismatic heroes Dan Murray and Liz Allaire involved in an incredible and crazy adventure, full of twists and packed with moments of pure comedy! With "The Next BIG Thing", Pendulo Studios stay faithful to their unique graphic style that puts their games close to actual animated movies. The Next BIG Thing also maintains Runaway’s popular and beloved ingredients: an intricate story, funny and charismatic characters, wacky mysteries and puzzles, and a definite adult and modern tone.

The Next BIG Thing Review

Welcome to 1940s Hollywood. Or should I say, welcome to a bizarre, alternate version of Hollywood where actual monsters star in monster movies, everyday jobs are performed by robots, and normal vocabulary goes out the window. Thanks to the creative imagination of Pendulo Studios, The Next Big Thing takes the Hollywood you know and completely turns it upside down.The artistic approach Pendulo Studios takes with the game is what stands out the most. Their comic-like art style, fused with an art deco theme, creates a lighthearted film noir look and gives the game an adventure mystery feel. While simplistic in design, the environment doesn't want for detail. You can always notice something new in the background. Filled with vibrant colors and embellished characters, this version of... Read Review

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