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The Mummy Mystery Review

Young children are in for a silly adventure with The Mummy Mystery, featuring the well-loved Mercer Mayer book series The Little Monster. The Little Monster characters return to the computer screen for another mystery, this time centered around the disappearance of Professor Pickle from an archealogical dig in Egypt. Little Monster Private Eye and Detective Kerploppus have to find Professor Pickle and release him from the Tomb of Thankxfurnuthen. To do so, they must find five ancient Egyptian rings which will unlock the door to the tomb, and so enable the Professor to be freed. As in any adventure game, players must travel to different locations, searching for clues and objects. Objects can be placed in the inventory for use later. Travel is accomplished by use of a map,... Read Review

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  • The Mummy Mystery

    The Mummy Mystery

    jkdmedia Apr 21, 2002