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I Hear Voices in My Xbox, They Council Me, It Really Rocks

I Hear Voices in My Xbox, They Council Me, It Really Rocks

It's amazing what people come up with.You can give your 360 it's own blog by signing up at 360voice, once registered with your GamerTag, it will take two days for the site to gather information from your Xbox. Just signed up myself but I'll have to wait the couple of days to see what my xbox says. So what is 360voice? 360voice is a "leading online community for the Xbox 360 with a twist. Using unique technology, the data from your Xbox Live gamercard is transformed from a snapshot into a rich history of your gaming, told in blog format from the perspective of your Xbox. This allows for conversations around specific daily achievements and events like gamer score increases and your most played games. In addition to the blog content, users can interact by leaving comments, compete in gamer score challenges, and gather badges for various site and cross-game accomplishments." -- 360crazyHmm, isn't this how a lot of apocalyptic Terminator/Matrix-type movies and stories tend to start out? When people start listening to their video game consoles? No? Maybe I'm thinking of something else, then. Anyway, if you want an example of how it looks, then who better than Major Nelson to demonstrate? Read More

kombo Nov 26, 2008 | Comments
New Xbox Experience is the Biggest Thing Since Color TV, Apparently

New Xbox Experience is the Biggest Thing Since Color TV, Apparently

After months of waiting and anticipation/dread, the New Xbox Experience is almost upon us. As such, Microsoft has seen fit to issue a press release to help usher in the dawning of a new age. What they don't seem to cover is for just how long we have to keep calling it the "New" Xbox Experience. Kind of reminds me of that one station they used to have around here, "the New VR." I don't think it's around any more, at least not in that form. Look at the signs, Microsoft! Don't let this happen to you! Anyway, here's what they have to say:LONDON - Nov. 18, 2008 — In 1954, the introduction of colour TV heralded the dawn of a new era in entertainment. On Nov. 19, more than 50 years after that dramatic shift, a new era in home entertainment begins...Oh, give me a break. Hit the jump for the rest. I won't interrupt again, promise. Unless you want me to; then I'll see what I can work out later. Read More

kombo Nov 18, 2008 | Comments