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Portal Radio Updates Put Game Within FCC Regulations

Yesterday, March 1st, at 12:00AM, the FCC forced microphones operating at the 700mHz band of sound to be discontinued in both use and sales. Anything broadcasting in the range of 698 MHZ and 806 MHZ will now be illegal to use without an FCC given license. How does this relate to video games? Hit the break... Read More


Nintendo Keeps Mum on Reason for Removing WiiWare Demos

In November, Nintendo began to offer demos of select WiiWare titles on a trial basis. And at the end of January, they brought their experiment to a close, leaving the question of whether or not we might see more in the future. The demos were long-demanded by gamers and developers alike, though obstacles such as storage capacity were previously unable to handle such a feature when the service launched. But with this trial, it seems to have been a benefit to those who sought it. Read More


Nintendo on HD and Upscaling in the Future

Nintendo discussed at a corporate briefing last week their views on high definition graphics and development costs for the future. While accepting that HD is becoming a standard, Nintendo acknowledged the strain it is putting on development. This along with other subjects were discussed at their semi-annual financial results briefing on October 30th. The briefing transcript was originally only available online in Japanese until Nintendo's full translation became available today. Past partial translations from places like the NeoGAF forums gleamed small details on subjects including Nintendo an HD game development in the future. Nintendo's full translation has added a lot of comments on these subjects including HD development in the future. Read More


Third Parties Not Required to Release Downloadable Versions of PSP Games, Some Quite Happy in Not Do

The PSPgo has is fair share of issues: it costs more than a regular PlayStation Portable which can do more, including play UMDs, for example. But there is one issue which Sony may not have taken into proper account, and that is the fact third-parties are not required to release PSP titles on the PlayStation Store. Furthermore, it seems there are companies who are quite willing to release their games on UMD and leave it at that. Read More


Modern Warfare 2: Authentic, Not Realistic

Speaking with Official PlayStation Magazine, Infinity Ward studio head Vince Zampella says that with Modern Warfare 2, "We go for authenticity not realism." Huh? He explains: "We're not making a sim, we're making entertainment. We want it to look real like an action movie." Zampella adds that the futuristic weaponry they use, such as the tripod gun which employs lasers to detect and shoot enemies, do not ruin the authenticity of the title. "You see a guy in an action movie, what he does is a little over the top. It makes for a great movie." Elsewhere in the interview, he reveals that there is some open-world gameplay, but "We do it where it fits and doesn't make the game worse." He adds "There isn't any mandate that every level has to be a wide open sandbox. There are certain levels like this where it fits naturally." Read More


Sony's Peter Dille Discusses Growing the PSP Audience, and Success of PSN, Home

Let me start off by saying that I love getting to write stuff about Sony Computer Entertainment America's Senior Vice President, Marketing and PlayStation Network, Peter Dille. His name reminds me of pickles, and his visage reminds me of Andy Richter. So on the upside, in my mind, I'm imagining his interviews playing out like those old "In the Year 2000..." sketches from Late Nite with Conan O'Brien. On the downside, now I'm hungry. In any case, a recent interview with GameDaily BIZ reveals that the man is quite optimistic about the year of 2009 for the PlayStation 3, as well as the PSP and PSN. Here are some excerpts of what he had to say. Read More


Sony Merges Games Divisions, Howard Stringer Takes Over as President of Sony

Howard Stringer, Chief Executive Officer of the Sony Corporation, just received a promotion. He is now going to be taking over as President of the main electronics business, as the former holder of that position, Ryoji Chubachi, will become Vice Chairman in charge of product safety, quality and environmental issues. From Bloomberg: "The Japanese can't take decisive actions toward their comrades during hardship," said Yuuki Sakurai, general manager of financial and investment planning at Tokyo-based Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Co., which manages $54 billion in assets. "As a non-Japanese without such loyalties, Stringer is better positioned to conduct the large-scale restructuring that Sony has to do." It is hoped that the reassignment of the 32-year Sony veteran Chubachi will help clear the way for Stringer to reorganize the company amidst losses, cutbacks, and global recession. Hit the jump for Sony's full press release. Read More


Will Eidos Start Putting More of the "M" in Tomb Raider?

As with many a starlet whose star has faded before her, it seems that the next move to revitalize the sagging career of Ms. Lara Croft is to delve into the arena of more "mature" rated content. Following on the Tomb Raider Forum posts by former Lead Designer Eric Lindstrom (it's confirmed to be him), another post has been caught by MTV Multiplayer as he explains how Lara's stuck with the T-rating for so long, and that an M-rating had been considered... Read More