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Nintendo World Store Celebrates Starfy's U.S. Debut on July 11th

At long last, Starfy has finally reached our shores. And though the game has already been released, that's not stopping Nintendo from holding a slightly-belated celebration. From 1-3pm this Saturday at the Nintendo World Store in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza, Starfy himself will be there in person, available for photo opportunities with fans of all ages in a special water-themed area of the store. There will also be face-painting fun and a chance for those in attendance to play The Legendary Starfy on the Nintendo DS and win "fun" Starfy prizes. Of the game, Nintendo says "Released in the United States on June 8, The Legendary Starfy places its charming, five-pointed hero at the center of a wild adventure as he completes a series of challenges that highlight his incredible bravery and impressive underwater moves. Nintendo's newest standout character, Starfy, is one fierce friend that everyone will want to meet." All in all, it sounds like it could be a fun day, especially if you've got a kid to take (and perhaps even if not). Read More


Tose Tells Where Starfy Has Been, and Where They Hope He Goes

Everyone knows that Nintendo knows how to make stars, though it's rather literal in the case of Starfy. And yet, after introducing the world to the likes of Mario, Kirby, and non-musclebound Pokemon, who would have thought that they would dub one as being "too Japanese?" The Legendary Starfy is bound for North American shelves on June 7th, but as many have learned, it isn't the first game in which the titular character has starred. Rather, it's his fifth (plus an Assist Trophy cameo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as "Stafy"), leading to the question of "what took so long?" Fortunately, six of the game's staff and a conference call were all it took to get some answers. Read More


Media: New Screens, Art, Release Date, and More for The Legendary Starfy

Starfy is now officially on his way to the Nintendo DS! Nintendo has released a number of screenshots, art assets, logos, and boxart, all of which you can now find residing in our gallery. For those of you unfamiliar with Starfy, you might better know him as "Stafy," aka "that star guy Assist Trophy who just kicked your ass in Super Smash Bros. Brawl." Pity they didn't get the name thing straightened out then, but what can you do? More after the cut. Read More


Punch-Out! Dated - Spring Line for Wii and DS

Punch-Out! is coming on May 18th, according to the latest gigantic Nintendo press release. You'll have to hit the break for that, but a few things of note. It's big, I think I already said that, it comes with a release schedule that runs from now until June or, simply, Summer. There's also a slate of descriptions for some bigger upcoming titles off of said roster. One weird thing here is the presence of Wii Sports Resort, the one that makes use of the Wii Motion Plus device; it's Spring 2009 release has been changed to merely 2009. Hit the break for a gigundus wall of text! Read More