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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has tremendous depth of game play and seamless animation unparalleled in video game history. Players of all ages will be mesmerized by Link

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - GC Cheats

When you complete the game Zelda will refer to you as Link, even if your name is different.

Fast save

Press Start to display the options menu, then press Up + A on controller two. The game save menu will appear.

Expert mode

Enter ZELDA as a name to start on the second quest. Note: This is just like the first quest, only slightly more difficult with some items in different places, and slightly higher prices in some stores.
When you are in a dark room that calls for use of a candle, place a bomb first. Then, quickly switch to the blue candle, then fire the candle onto the bomb. If done correctly, the room will be in black and white.
When you reach the Tower Of The Gods, look at those gray statue with a black circle in the middle. Take out your telescope and zoom in closely into the black circle. You will see a rainbow colored streak in the circle. Note: It will be very small -- you must look closely. BigBroNiko.
Ganon's Triforce crest switches from his right hand (when you first see his face and finds out the Tetra is Zelda) to his left hand (just before the final battle, when he summons the power of the gods). Matthew Brown.
When sailing and you see a fish, go up to it. Make sure that you have your sail and bait equipped. Approach the fish, and before you throw in the bait, press Sail then throw in the bait. Do this very quickly. The fish will update your map, and the sail will appear from nowhere. BIG MIKE.
If you want to get a full moon, keep using The Song Of Passing. Each time it turns to night, the moon will change shape. Cmgrayling.
This trick requires many bombs and may take awhile. First, lead the Eskimo salesman into the part of his shop where he does not sell things, by the stairs. Take a bomb and throw it on the side that his stand is on, then run around into the store before the bomb explodes. This will take a long time. LukeRodgers.
Go into a house or building. Take out your Tingle Tuner and set it to X, Y, or Z. Next, press whatever button you assigned it to with Start simultaneously. You should see the items screen. Assign the boomerang to the same button as the Tuner. Instead of the Tingle Tuner you should have the boomerang pointing up into your eye. Bob.
The second time that you see the pirates and go in their ship, nobody is guarding Tetra's room. Go in her room, then go to her bed and turn the camera towards the wall. You will see the poster of Link that is also seen when they tell you the story when the game began. INiKoRoXzI.
You must complete the first quest to do this trick. Once you are fighting Ganondorf at the end of the second quest, when you have your pajamas on defeat Ganon. Watch the ending sequence. Once Zelda has turned back into Tetra and they are floating on the water, you will have the green clothes on from your first quest. BigBroNiko.
Start a new game. Get the telescope. Go to the right side of Aryll. Go to the scene where the bird is holding the girl. When the scene ends, use the telescope again and look for a black dot. It will be a floating cannon ball that the pirates shot. Note: Do not go into the forest or you will not be able to see it. Michael O'Neill.
Find an area with a Lava Centipede. Make it roll into a ball. If you are in a place where you float to exit, bring the centipede with you. You will float up, but the centipede will stay in the air. BigBroNiko.
On Outset Island there is a hole that will lead you to a Triforce Chart. However, you will first have to face monsters. When you fight a Lava Centipede make it try to attack you or do a backflip. The Lava Centipede will be flying in mid-air until you hit it. POSTULO.
In the final intermission sequence after the credits, when the ship is about to sail away, look closely to see that Beedle's (boat merchant) ship is partly inside the pirate ship.
If you are out at sea and see one of Beedle's many shop ships, take out your Bomb Cannon and shoot him. His ship will stop moving and start smoking for about five seconds. Bob.
Before you freeze the Fire mountain, try looking at it through your sail. You will need to position your camera for this. When you look at it, the plumes of smoke coming from the water will not be there. DragonlordALS.
When you use your grappling hook to dig up treasure while in the boat in Hyrule, it goes down a long length but the water is only knee deep. Slith Arski.
This trick requires the grappling hook, sail, boomerang, an empty or full bottle, Hero's Bow, and every other item besides all-purpose bait, things in the bait bag, and spoils bag. First, take out the grappling hook and cast it out in the open. Before Link pulls it back to him, press Start and assign an item to that same item button. Resume the game. You will still see the red dot indicating that the grappling hook is still there. Cancel the grappling hook shot and Link will still be holding the grappling hook in his hand. sandras01.
Se an empty bottle to Y and press Start + Y when you are near something you can catch. Switch the empty bottle with anything you cannot throw away. It will appear as though you caught something but in fact you have not. Blished.
Complete the game two times. Notice that Link's costume is a green tunic instead of his blue shirt that has a crawfish on it, but Aryll is wearing her skull shirt. James Sebo.
After you go to Greatfish Isle, Quill (the Rito Postman) will tell you that the pirates know where Jabun is, and that the pirates were last seen on Windfall Island. When you get there, go through the path behind the bomb shop and you will find the pirates. Next, go to Outset Island, find Jabun, then go to Windfall Island and go to the front of the bomb shop. Go inside and he will be at the counter. His head will be shaved. INiKoRoXzI.
When you defeat an enemy over a bottomless pit, look down into the pit. You should be able to see what it dropped. Use the telescope if you cannot see it.
This trick requires the Bow and Arrow, and any item that gets a message similar to "It doesn't look like you can use this item here." Set the arrow and the item to Y, X, or Z. Go to Beedle's ship and stand on the end of it, near the opening. Turn towards the point of the ship, look down at your feet, and shoot many arrows at the ground. You will not waste your supply of arrows. Keep shooting, then immediately pull out the item after you pick up an arrow. Half of an arrow should be visible, and it looks like it could be as big as Link. If this did not happen, try again and pull out the item at different times. Jason Aldrich.
Shoot an ice arrow at a spike ball (the things that slow you down) and it will turn blue, go underground slightly, and spin. Note: This will stop soon. Matthew Blanke.
When you have the "Song Of Passing Time", that changes day to night and night to day, go to the Ferris wheel. Get on a basket on the Ferris wheel that is close to the bottom. Get as close to the edge of the basket without falling down, then use the Wind Waker and play the "Song Of Passing Time". When it becomes day or night, you will fall down and see a ghost for a split second. Link will scream and appear back at the beginning of the island.
Go up to Linda (the woman with the orange dress) and wait until the man who walks around everywhere looks at her. When they are staring at each other, talk to Linda quickly. She will talk about the man and will want you to take a picture of her entire body. Give it to the walking man. He will want to ask her out now they know they love each other. BigBroNiko.
At any Great Fairy island, get a Hylo Pear and take control of a seagull. Fly into the Great Fairy hole and you will see inside the island and still fly around. To get out, fly into a wall, which you will go through. Demia.
After defeating the plant Boss, have Link stand in the middle of the flower, where a petal goes through his body. This makes him unable to walk in the next scene. If this happens, the game will not continue at all after defeating the Boss, and must be reset. MetroidGamma.
When you go to the city below the sea, go to the invisible wall and run into it. Quickly turn the camera to Link's legs. He will be invisible until he gets up. Mprngel75l.
Enter the backside of Outset Island where you previously talked to Jabun. This works any time after you have received Nayru's Pearl. Sail to the middle of the pool and go to first-person view. Look at your feet, then turn left or right until you see what resembles a bright light like the sun. This is either a glitch and is actually the sun or the the light from Jabun's lantern that hangs off his head deep in the water. airc333.
When you play the Pig-Sitting game, when the game is over, throw all of the pigs into the sea. Immediately start a new game. The pig on the hill will have water rippling around him, as if it is still swimming. Corbin Hampton.
Note: The grappling hook is required for this trick. Go near Zunari's shop. There should be a sign above the shop, with a picture of a coffee cup on it (cafe sign). Grapple onto the sign and you should stick and be able to move around slightly. You can also stand on top of the sign if you grapple as high as possible. DBGTWARRIOR0825.
On the way to the Ferris wheel, there will be a man. Next to him is a door. Set your bombs and your Skull Hammer. Set the bomb in front of the door then crush the bomb with your hammer. The bomb will explode and Link will fly back and his head will pass through the wall. William Mezquita.
Attack the small pigs until they turn red, then go to the left of the bomb shop. Wait at the ledge with one heart remaining until the pig pushes you off. If done correctly, you should see Link struggle in the water, sink, then see only his head and shield. johnny taylor.
When you finally get the boat, sail (or warp) to Outset Island. Go to the house with the big pig nearby. Pick up the pig. Note: You must have the Power Bracelets to do this. Go to a wall and push against it sideways. It will look as if you are not even holding the pig. Note: This effect does not last long, and you will have to go away and go back to a wall. beland4.
When you begin the game, grab the pink pig with no spots. Go to the side of your house and drop the pig outside the hole that leads under your house. Let the pig run under the house. This may require a few attempts. The pig should fall through the ground. Blished.
Hop into the big black pig's pen and hit him with the sword until he attacks. After this, shield yourself and back into the pig's water trench against the wall. If done correctly, the pig will drop in with you, and you will keep shielding every time he attacks; when he hits you, he will just land in the water trench. You will not get a chance to drop your shield and will remain there in that state until the game is reset. Note: Save the game before attempting this. Koolnez345.
Go in one of the bulbs. Pause game play. You will hear the sound that it makes in the background. Wait until it stops then resume the game. It should not make any sound. Dale Fields.
Go as low as possible towards the plants that attack you. If you go far enough, then the game will force you to turn around. Stay as close to the cliff as possible (it should be on your right). Keep turning to the point where you are forced to turn around. If done correctly, you will turn into the cliff. You can see inside and fly into it somewhat, cannot go far. Erik.
When you are in Hyrule Castle and on the bridge area where the barrier knocks you back when you run into it, do a back flip into it. Make sure you can see yourself from behind. If done correctly, Link will disappear but you will still see his shadow. Miller97213.
Go to the temple. After the first room where you moved the blocks, there will be two Boblikins. Kill them so they do not break the jar. Then, get a water jar (a jar where water will appear if broken). Do not break it. Grab it and carry it over to a place where steam appears. Set it down over the steam. The steam will shoot it up and the jar will start to do flips. It will crash down onto the ground when the steam runs out, but will not break. Wait, and the steam will come up to break it again. jay stanley.
In Dragon Roost Cavern, there is a room with several water jars by the door and a Magtail (lava centipede) on an island. Throw a water jar at it to make it curl up, but do not let it fall in the lava. Next, throw a water jar onto the lava burst to create a platform. Grab the curled Magtail and ride the platform to the top. Throw the Magtail onto the wooden bridge and wait for it to uncurl. If done correctly, it will crawl up the wall and onto the ceiling. When it reaches the wall with the corner outward, it will float segment-by-segment back up the wall, crawl back down, and do it again. This may require a few attempts.
In the dungeon are small, needle-like enemies that slow you down if they get on you. Try going to the room to the right of the four-stemmed flower to find them. In that room, defeat all enemies except for those needle-like creatures. Use your Deku Leaf to blow a gust of wind at them. Do not move until they land. Once they do so, the ones you blew will look at you. Go near the same door that you went through, but do not exit. Move around until they start jumping on you. Get enough of them on you until you are walking at the same speed as the Iron Boots. Leave the room and reenter it at least two to five times. Your speed should have returned to normal. Keep doing this if you want to until you get at least 50 to 100 of them, but be warned; either the glitch may longer work or the game may freeze. Ruby Duckworth.
reference: Look on the Knight's Crests to see a picture of Vaati. The Code Master.
references: On the Goddess statues where you put the pearls in to activate the Tower of The Gods, notice how Nayru's statue has a mouth on its face like a Blue Pikmin. Farore's statue has two big ears like those on a Yellow Pikmin. Din's statue has a big nose like that of a Red Pikmin. PirateSkull74.
At the Nintendo Gallery in Forest Haven, look behind the sculptor to the left. You will see a Goron mask, and next to it is a mask that resembles a Pikachu. JOEFLIPPERKING.
references: In the Nintendo Gallery in Forest Haven, look somewhat to the right of the sculptor. You will see the Keaton and Goron masks, and the Bunny Hood from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. Chris A Wadzinski.
references: When pulling out the Master Sword, you will hear a remix of the music when you pulled the Master Sword out of the Lost Forest in The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Erik Simpson.
reference: The pearls you that you receive are the same designs of songs in Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages. Jdhunnic.
Note: "Center" indicates that the C-stick should not be moved at that part of the song. Press: Up, Center, Up, Center, Left, Up. VideogameDBZ2002.
reference: Look at the bag of the sculptor fan. It has a logo of one of the original enemies from the Legend Of Zelda. FrozenSun.
reference: In the Nintendo Gallery, one of the unfinished figurines on the shelf behind the sculptor is the shop merchant in Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Ellaniloc.
Talk to the Deku Tree and ask him about the Forest Korocks. He will put their locations on your map. derek.
Except for the great Deku Tree, you can only talk to Jabun once, and Valoo twice (once at Dragon Roost Isle, and once after you rescue your sister). Tetrazel.
Take out your Wind Waker and play the following notes on 3/3. Note: "Center" indicates that the C-stick should not be moved at that part of the song. Press Center, Right, Left. Melee Kid.
When floating with the Deku Leaf, if a enemy is about to hit you (such as a Peahat) in mid-flight, flare with the Deku Leaf. Do this by pressing the Deku Leaf's assigned button. This should be done just as an enemy is about to hit you, and you will not fall desmondray.
If you spread bait on the ground where seagulls are, they will come and eat it. Tetra1.
When you are in a room full of enemies and you use the Hurricane Spin attack, it will leave you dizzy for a few seconds and vulnerable to enemy attack. However, if you do the attack then crash into a wall you will not become dizzy.
If timed it correctly, you can cause enemies to attack each other. Stand in between two or more of them. When they are about to attack, just roll out of the way. This is easier with enemies that have large weapons, such as Moblins. ProjectDotHack.
If you run out of magic power, your Deku Leaf will be nothing but the stem. Menzeeto.
Go to Ice Ring Isle (5,2) without melting the ice. As soon as Link takes one step on the island, he will turn to ice with some decent visual effects.
Stand in front of a slashed up or broken sign and play the Wind God's Aria. The sign will heal itself magically. JAI59.
Line up your boat with the wind, have your sail ready, and have your boomerang equipped. Hold down your boomerang button and turn around so that you are facing the back of the boat. Look slightly up into the sky from there, and throw the boomerang. It will fly very far. Watch it carefully. Right when it turns around and starts heading back towards you, put up the sail. Your boomerang will chase you. If done correctly, it can chase you for up to fifteen seconds. C.J. (Nitemare) Mendenhall.
In the Wind Temple, bring Makar with you near enemies other than Floormasters. Make sure that Makar does not follow you and get attacked. You will notice that Makar flashes red. Jdhunnic.
As soon as you get hit, pull out your Windwaker. This requires perfect timing. Blished.

Hint: Goron

When you see a traveling merchant that asks (the big ones that you trade flowers with), stand near him and use the Deku Leaf to send a gust in his direction. It will blow off his hat briefly, and you can see his face.
This trick requires a Game Boy Advance link, the Tingle Tuner, and at least one Tingle Statue. When you get a statue, keep slashing it with your sword until Tingle drops a Tingle Bomb on you. BoiPiNoY909.
When in Hyrule Castle, you will see a panorama view of Hyrule Field. Chris A Wadzinski.
When you are on a flat icy area, such as where you got the Iron Boots, run forward, then immediately turn around by pulling straight back on the Analog-stick. Link should fly in the air, turn face-down while in the air, and fall flat on the ice. Adam English.
If you want to make some money, but cannot catch the pigs, try the following trick. First, make the pigs follow you, then go into the water. The pigs should go in, then swim back toward land. When they get on the shore, L-target them and catch them. They cannot do anything for a few seconds after coming onto land. This is an easy way to make money. Fahim Ali.
Go to either Windfall or Outset Island. Hit the pigs with any weapon that will hurt them. Make sure you are close to the ocean. When the pig starts turning red and chases you, run into the water. The pig will have smoke coming off it briefly. beland4.
When traveling around the Great Sea at night, stop the boat and look into the sky. You should be able to see unusually bright stars that resemble constellations such as The Big Dipper and Orion's Belt. The Flash.
You can get attacked by pigs just as Link was attacked by the chickens in previous games in the Zelda series. Attack the pig a few times and it will turn red and attack.
After you get your sword, go up to the girl with the pot and break it. She will cry and take 10 rupees from you. Menzeeto.
Go out and find any Shop Ship. Pull out a bomb and place it on the ship then get away from it. The blast will rock the boat and cause smoke to appear from it. The Flash.
To get to merchants easier, you need to know the Ballad Of The Gales. When you first get your plant (Town Flower), go to Greatfish Isle. Trade with the merchant there and pay the fee. Use Ballad Of The Gales to warp to Tingle Island, then sail north from there to Mother And Child Isle. Look around for a merchant, trade with him and pay the fee. Then, use Ballad Of The Gales to return to Greatfish Isle. Keep doing this. After you have traded three plants, go to Windfall Island and talk to the person who sold you the sail to get the "magic armor". bbillington.
You can get a free ride on the Beedle ships around the area that the ships patrol. Enter the shop, then leave, and stand still. After a short time, the ship will resume its usual sea path. LN Tora.
Go to D4 and fight the four eyed squid. After the battle, a fairy will appear and say, "Thank you for freeing me young Waker. I am weak, but I will give you some of my power". Then she will disappear. BALDWIN9124.
Normally, you cannot do a jump attack with an enemy's weapon (for example, a Boko stick, Moblin's spear, Darknut's sword, etc.) by pressing only A. You will throw it instead. To do this trick, when you get one, hold L, press Analog-stick Left or Right and press A. While Link is still in midair, press B. If done correctly, he should perform a jump attack. You can also do this when you are jumping from a ledge. You can even press B just before you hit the ground to avoid taking damage when you fall from a high place. jheavner.
While in the boat, equip the sail, unequip it with A, then quickly equip it again (with Y, X, or Z) and wait for the slight jerk of the boat. Doing this will take practice and patience. You will be able to outrun seagulls, your boomerang for more than one minute, the annoying shark creatures, and the very big flying enemies. SnakeKid67.
The King of Red Lions is really the very old king of Hyrule: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. Mariofreak290.
There are six songs that you must learn in the game. Note: "Center" indicates that the C-stick should not be moved at that part of the song. Colhan3000 and jiunloveray01.
When you lower your hook from your sailboat near a glowing mark in the water, you might pick up trash, such as a boot, instead of a treasure chest. MetaRidley15.
There are a total of seven submarines located in the sea. The following is a list of all seven and what you receive for completing them: MetaRidley15.
When you defeat the Forest Haven Boss, you will return to the Great Deku Tree's lair. The Koroks will do a ceremony and leave. They will depart to eight different islands to plant seeds. When you find one, they will tell you that the tree is not good. Return to the Forest Haven with an empty bottle, and fill it with water in the Great Deku Tree's lair. Start giving all the Korok trees water. The water will not run out. You may warp during this stage because you only have twenty minutes to do this. The locations of the Koroks are as follows
When seeking out the Big Octos, it helps to stop once you get into one of the squares that the Octo is in. Take out the telescope, zoom in as far as you can, and slowly pan around. You will eventually see the flock of seagulls, letting you know that the Big Octo is there. Once you find the seagulls, you can sail to them and fight the Octo. Douglas Buell.
Use the following information to get the best bottle content combo. If you have one bottle, put either Grandma's Elixir or a Fairy in it. If you have two bottles, put a Fairy and Elixir in them. If you have three bottles, put a Fairy, Green Potion, and Elixir in them. If you have four bottles, put a Fairy, Elixir, Green Potion, and Fairy in them, or follow the three bottle combo and use the fourth bottle for a miscellaneous item (Forest Water, Firefly, etc.). Serrell Sprenkle.
There are six Giant Squid hidden throughout the ocean. You can see where they are by looking for seagulls flying in a circle over the water. When you sail your boat in the correct spot, a Giant Squid will appear. To defeat the squid, lock onto the eyes with the boomerang. The following is a list of Giant Squids and their rewards: MetaRidley15.
Complete the trading quest to get the Protection Crystal from the trading eskimo. It cuts damage in half while using energy. Jason Howell.
When you have bombs, go back to where you first met Tetra. You will find a huge rock. Blow it up and go in. Get a fairy in the fountain and pour it on your grandmother. She will give you a Soup .It heals magic and HP and doubles your sword attack. If you run out, pick it up again at any time. NWoandHOGAN.
After you get the map of an area, find the fish again and throw fish food to him. He will allow you to play his Bow and Arrow game for 10 rupees. Jason Howell.
Move the Tri-Forces to the white Zelda-like symbols (the Tri-Force things are in front of the Link statue). The statue will open and you will find Master Sword. SGOLDENFANG.
After you enter the pirate ship for the second time, Tetra's guard leaves the doorway open, letting you enter Tetra's room. Walk straight and you will see many charts and pictures. One of them has the three points where you can put the pearls. Matthew Hinton.
When the pirates are in the Bomb Shop on Windfall island, all of them except Niko are there. Even the pirate guarding Miss Tetra's cabin will be in the Bomb Shop. After you sneak in, he is in the cafe. When the pirates say the password, write it down. The pirates will say it twice, just for good measure for them and yourself. The password is "Chummily", and it is case-sensitive too. When you go in, it will look the same except that the guard to Miss Tetra's cabin is gone. You can now do Niko's test or enter Miss Tetra's cabin. GameMasterSD.
After you rescue Tingle from the jail cell, move the big box in the cell and crawl in. Follow these directions carefully: left, right, left, right, up, up, up, right, up, up, up, and right. If you have an encounter with a rat, you will hear it laugh, it will pull a string, and you will fall. You will end back up at Windfall island. Tetra1.
When you take a picture of the "Perfectly Round Pale Thing", go to Lenzo's. He will give you a Ganon picture. Take this to the Nintendo Gallery (when you get the Deku Leaf, sail to a Boko Baba plant and bounce up. Sail to the platform, exit, then make the wind blow north. Sail to the small island you saw, then transform into a seagull and hit the white switch to gain access). Go into the Nintendo Gallery and show him the Ganon picture. Exit, then play the Song Of Passing twice. Reenter and talk to him. Check all the rooms for the Ganon figurine. Slforryie.
If you are afraid to attack a monster at close range, use your Grappling Hook. jiunloveray01.
To get IN-Credible Chart, you first must free Tingle. Go to the red postbox and you will see it is moving. Talk to it and receive a letter that will say "Cash-On-Delivery". Pay 201 rupees and you will receive IN-Credible Chart. This chart will help you receive all the Triforce Charts and Triforce Shards. GCN2003.
Go inside one of the submarines. There must be guards from the Forsaken Fortress inside for this trick to work. Kill the guards with your sword. Pearls will appear where the guards disappeared. Break the pearls for rupees, bombs, arrows, life, magic power, and a Skull Necklace. Note: Each guard will leave behind a necklace. When you are done, you can leave and return. This can be repeated as many times as desired. Gary Hahn.
Use the following trading sequence to get the Magic Armor. Once you get the Town Flower from Zunari in Windfall Island (B4), sail to Greatfish Isle (D2), and trade with the Goron for the Sea Flower. Trade the Sea Flower to the Goron on Greatfish Isle (D2) for the Exotic Flower. Note: You may need to wait a day before the Exotic Flower becomes available. Use the Song of Passing to make advance time. Sail to Bomb Island (E6), then trade the Goron the Exotic Flower for the Sickle Moon Flag. Sail back to Windfall Island (B4) and talk to Zunari to receive the Magic Armor. Note: This is very useful when fighting Gannon and Puppet Gannon. Brian Rhodes.
When you get the regular Pictograph, take it to Lenzo and show it to him. He will ask you to take pictures of certain things. When you complete that, he will give you a Joy Pendent and you will become his assistant. Go to Forest Heaven and capture a firefly in a bottle. Take the firefly over to Lenzo and show it to him. He will put the firefly in your Pictograph and it will become a Deluxe Pictograph. You can now take pictures in color.
When you have the DX PictoBox, go back to Lenzo at night. He will sell you Pictographs of characters that only appear in intermission sequences for 50 rupees each. Note: The one he that he currently sells depends on the shape of the moon.
If you shoot an arrow at an enemy and miss, run up to where the arrow landed, and it will go back into your inventory. Menzeeto.
When you get Light Arrows, you can destroy any enemy that is not a Boss with one shot. Also, if you shoot it at an enemy with the Light Arrow, it will go through them and also hit any enemy directly behind it. jiunloveray01.
For a powerful attack, shoot an Ice Arrow at an enemy, then shoot a Fire Arrow at it. jiunloveray01.
Set it to "X", press Start + X. When you are in the menu, set the telescope on "X" and press Start. You will drink the potion that is in your bottle without drinking the actual one. This trick is useful with your grandma's soup. Roman Meno.
After saving your sister at Forsaken Fortress, go to C4 or F3. When you see a cyclone go near it. A red-frog like creature named Cyclos will appear. Shoot him with your arrows until he surrenders. He will grant you the power of the cyclones to teleport you to different areas of the ocean. Jonah Heredia.
To get fifty Joy Pendants for Ms. Marie, who will give you the Hero's Charm, go to one of the lookout towers with Bokoblins on it. There are usually two on each platform. These towers are located on the Great Sea. You will need the Grappling Hook and the Song Of Passing for the best effect. Go onto the tower and use the Grappling Hook to steal the Bokoblins' Joy Pendants. Kill them, then play the Song Of Passing to change the time of day. When you return, fresh Bokoblins will be there and will have Joy Pendants. Continue this process until you have fifty. Vernon Shaw.
Go to island east of Outset Island (the Earth Temple one). On the beach, randomly do spinning attacks. Rupees will appear from the sand. Tomzilla3000.
Talk to the man that wants you to be his apprentice. He will say something about a man who will never learn the true meaning of love (or something similar). Leave his house. Once outside you will see a man in red. If you talk to him, he will want to know if the Rito postman has arrived yet. Back away from him and he will start walking. Follow him, but stay at a distance or he will stop. Once he has reached the potion shop, run and hide behind the bush on the opposite side of the bridge. He will slowly walk around and check to see if anyone is coming. Be ready with your camera. He will then stick something in the mailbox. Take his picture at that moment. Take it back and you will have two more. TANNER MCMAHON.
Go to the bar during the day and pick up a jar. Throw it at the person near the table and take his picture if he shakes. FutureFantasy7.
Note this trick does not require a Tingle Turner unless you need to know which bench to go to. Go to the lady nearest to the bomb game (not bomb shop) on Windfall island. She will say that she got a dress from Outset Island. Find the bench near that place. Then, go to the mailbox. He should say to go to the nearest bench, then the next nearest bench. Finally, the last bench is one which should give you a good standing place to take the picture. Zoom in and direct yourself to the girl who told you about her dress. Wait there, and a man should look at her for a short time. It is the man who knows the second way to enter the bomb shop. Note: This only happens at night. FutureFantasy7.
Get Flower One from Zunari on Windfall Island after defeating God's Tower. Bring it to the Goron Trader on Mother and Child Island (2,F) and he will give you Flower Two. Bring Flower Two to the Goron Trader on Great Fish Isle (2,D) and he will give you Flower Three. Bring Flower Three to Zunari and you will receive the Magic Shield. This allows you to cut damage taken in half, but also takes Magic Energy. MetaRidley15.
Go to Zunri's outdoor shop. Move directly in front of a stall. Make sure it is night and play the Song Of Passing. If done correctly, you will hear sailing music. Tetra1.
Go inside the coffee house. Climb on the shelf at the back. If you walk slowly into the cups and plates, you can push them off and smash them.
The "perfectly round pale thing" that the boy at Windfall Island wants is a colored picture of the full moon. Tetrazel.
The Joy Pendant that the Killer Bee's mention is in the tree next to the bomb shop. Tetrazel.
First, throw the pigs into the water. One is near the cliff, another is near the Bombshop, and the last one is at the gravestone with the Elvis-like man. You must then give the man near the Bomb Shop three Skull Necklaces. You must then find the three pigs he lost. Find them, and bring them back to the man. They are at the same location as the first time. Notice that they are still swimming but on the grass -- they no longer run away. Jeroen Deckers.
After you free the girls from the Forsaken Fortress. go to Windfall Island at night. Go to the bottom floor of the rich man's house and talk to the Eskimo. Join the auction every night, and make sure you have at least 3,000 rupees. Items that can be won include a Heart piece, Treasure Chart, and a Joy Pendant. Tomzilla3000.
Throw one of the pigs in the water. It will swim back to shore. SYOUNGBB.
There is a spotted pig that will fart green gas as you walk when picked up. JBS0009.
Speak to the schoolteacher, Ms. Marie. She will tell you a story about the boys that do not want to attend her class. Speak to the four boys outside (a.k.a. the Killer Bees). Agree to play their game of hide 'n' seek. After catching all of them, they will give you a Heart Piece. After you play their game, talk to the schoolteacher. She will tell you of her obsession with jewelry. Give her twenty Joy Pendants and she will give you her Cabana Deed. Jonah Heredia.
After collecting twenty Skull Necklaces, take them to the old man on the top floor of the auction house. He will then give you a sea chart in return.
In order to get the Tingle Tuner, walk to where the dancing man is at during the day. If you have not already gotten the Song Of Passing, talk to the man. He will say that he does not remember the rhythm. Take out the Windwaker and just sit there. Do not touch the C-stick or it will not work. He will say that he remembers the beat and shows you the Song of Passing, which turns night into day and vice versa. From the dancing man, walk straight into the building. You will find a wooden door. Enter it and a man will ask if you are a fairy. He will then ask if you will help him out of his jail cell. Go over to the left of his cell. Against the wall, there is a switch hidden by pots. Step on it to free him. After doing so, he will give you the Tingle Tuner. This will allow you and a friend to play two player mode using a Game Boy Advance link cable. At the cost of some rupees, Tingle will help Link through any dungeon. KidJML13.
Turn on your Tingle Tuner and climb atop the cloth above Mrs. Marie's school. Tingle will give you a discount on Tingle Balloons and Kooloo-Limpahs. The Balloons will cost 20 Rupees instead of the 30, and the Kooloo-Limpahs will cost 30 Rupees instead of 40. Bharat Digimon.
When you have the Fire Arrows, go to Windfall Island and find the sort of long stairs that will guide you to a switch that turns on the windmill. Go in the night and try to turn on the big light on the top by using the little "cars". When turned it on, a chest will appear on a little island nearby. It contains a piece of Heart. Reach it with a Deku Leaf. Then, talk with the man near the windmill, and he will be happy and give you a piece of Heart. Carlos Garza Mora.
When you get to Taura Island, you will find Tingle trapped in a jail cell. Set him free by smashing all the jars in the corner of the room and step on the switch. After a discussion, Tingle will give you the map to Tingle Island and the Tingle Tuner. You can now use your Game Boy Advance to communicate with Tingle. MetaRidley15.
Use the Wind Waker and set the wind west. Sail to the island with the cannon game. Note the direction the cannon is pointing and sail in that direction. Try to sail very far away. Then, jump out of your boat and swim to the island. Link might drown or just make it. If he does drown, move the boat slightly closer. Once on the island, start the game. You should see your boat. Try to hit it with the cannon. If you are successful, it will count as a hit on the boat game. Keep shooting your boat until you win. The person will give you 100 rupees. Repeat this to get as many rupees as desired. Glenn Parkin.
While on Windfall Island, you will meet an Eskimo named Zunari. He will offer you an item named "That" for 80 rupees. Buy "That" to find out it is the Sail. The Sail is required to use the King of Red Lions. MetaRidley15.
After you have completed the hide 'n' seek game on Windfall Island, you will be able to give Ms. Marie (the teacher) Joy Pendants. Give her 41 pendants and you will receive the Hero Charm. This allows you to see enemies' hit points. MetaRidley15.
The following information describes each of the levels in the Savage Labyrinth, located on Outset Island. It will tell you which enemies are in each level in the labyrinth and the items and weapons that you can gain by killing or using the grappling hook on them. Note: Some enemies names are descriptive rather than their real names. The level after you fall down the hole is marked as level 0, as the levels actually are counted after you get to the level below level 0. Optional weapons indicate the weapons that you can use against enemies that drop them. In the Savage Labyrinth, the enemies that you kill will not drop the things that you would normally get that belong in the Spoils Bag. Therefore, you must use your grappling hook on them to obtain those items. When "none" appears for an enemy's item acquired, it indicates that either that the enemy is too weak to withstand the force of the grappling hook grabbing it, or that it would only give you a small restoration item, such as a Heart or a Magic Jar. Power Gamer 2.
Use the following trick for easy Joy Pendants, Skull Pendants, and Knights Crests. Go to Shark Island and once there, activate all the switches within the time limit of the first switch being activated. Once you activate all the switches, the fire around the grotto will disappear. Go inside. Be careful; make sure you have adequate health, magic, and arrows. Have your Hook Shot equipped. Once you enter the center of the room, you will be jumped by numerous enemies. Steal Joy Pendants from the Bokoblins with you Hook Shot. Later, there will be the Moblins (pigs with pikes). You will get Skull Crests from them. Even later, there will be the knights in armor. Upon defeating them you will get Knights Crests. Jrsydeout.
Always make the degree of trajectory a number divisible by 5. Make adjustments by 5 degrees. This works every time. Lisa S. Murphy.
You must have Power Bracelets and Skull Hammer for this trick. Go to Stone Watcher Island and destroy the stone head. Enter the cave under it and complete the dungeon. Leave, then go back in and break the stone pillars for lots of rupees. Enter the treasure room and break the pots for more rupees. Stephen Emhecht.
Throw the pig in the pen then complete the Wind and Earth Temples. Go back and the pig will be a lot bigger. Throw some bait in front of it, and it will dig. SYOUNGBB.
Revive your grandma with a fairy. You need a bottle to get the fairy. You will also need the three pearls. When she is revived, she will give you Elixer soup. Drink half the bottle. Take out your sword, and it will glow. shepty10.
When going to the watchtower one square north of Outset Isle, sharks will try to jump up and eat you when going up the ladder. Tetrazel.
On Outset Island, there is a house which holds the Snot Kid, his brother, the three pigs, and the pig-pen. There is also a a hole in this house's roof. Use the following trick to get into this. First, get onto the fenced-in part of the house (i.e. the pig-pen). Notice the spot where the pigs get water. There is a little roof that hangs over the drinking area so that the pigs can have shade. You should still be on the fence which holds in the pigs. As you walk closer to the roof that hangs over the drinking area, notice that the fence gets higher. Continue up the fence until you are on top of the shade-roof. You should now be able to see the actual house's roof. Step back a few paces until you are at the farthest edge away from the house's roof. Then, run at the house's roof until you get to the edge and Link automatically jumps. You should now be on the roof. There is also a fun little trick that you can do when there is only one pig remaining: the huge black pig. The man that owns the house should be directly below you and you should not even see him. The big black pig should be roaming around the pen, and you should still be on the roof. Shoot the pig with arrows until he gets mad. He will begin to run toward you. However, because you are on the roof he obviously cannot reach you. The pig will just run towards the wall that is directly below you. Because the man is on the wall directly below you, it will appear as if the pig is mauling the man. Now that you are on the roof, you should see that there is a hole in the roof that is facing out towards the sea. If you drop into it, you will find yourself in the attic of the house that you have been on top of. There is mostly unimportant items inside: jars holding Rupees, Hearts, Arrows, etc., boxes, or barrels. It is fun to drop these barrels, jars, and boxes, down the hole that is located in one of the corners of the attic. To get out of the attic, simply drop through the hole. Max Richter.
There is a hill leading up to the house that has the pig-pen holding three pigs. At the start of this hill is a "cage" of small trees that you can cut down, that are sort of going into the cliff overlooking Outset Island. Get through the trees any way desired. You can use your bombs, your sword, or your boomerang. Get into the "cage" of trees (the location with all the little flowers), then play the Song of Passing. The screen will fade out, and when it reappears, you will still be on the inside of the tree "cage" -- all the trees that you cut down will be up again. You can always escape the tree enclosure by simply getting rid of them again, by using the sword, boomerang, or bombs. Max Richter.
Go to Outset Island and give Orca ten Knight Crests and he will teach you the Super Spin Attack. To perform it, hold B, wait until it fully charges, then release. Link will then spin rapidly for six seconds. MetaRidley15, becheyne, and pieter moonen.
Talk to the old man who gave you your first sword. He will ask if you want to fight him .Choose "Yes". Hit him 500 times without getting hit 3 times and he will give you a Heart piece. If you hit him 1000 times, he will cry and call you master. jiunloveray01.
Go to Outset Island at night and go in front of Granny's house, some distance away. Some Chu Chu monsters will appear. Use your Grappling Hook to grab Jellies from them. Do not kill them, or they will not give you Jellies. After doing this, kill them and go in one of the houses Come back out, and they will be back. shawn roberts.
Go to Ocra's house (the person that gave you your first sword) and hit him six times without talking to him. becheyne.
Go to Orca on Outset Island and show him your Knight's Crests. If you do not have enough crests and have not obtained the special attack, he will drop his sword, then tell you to return. If you attack him without his sword, he will still block the attack with karate-like moves, just as if he still had his sword. Bruce Dodson.
You must have Power Bracelets, a Mirror Shield, and the Hookshot/Deku Leaf. If you have the Hookshot, go to where Grandma's house is located and travel to the right. Use your Hookshot on the tree in order to reach the area where the head-shaped rock is located. If you have a Deku Leaf, go on top of the bridge, change the wind direction to west, and glide down to the area. Lift the rock and enter the hole. Defeat all the enemies and enter into the next hole. Continue for about twenty minutes. You should find a chest with a Triforce Chart inside. Use your shield to reflect light on a large statue. It will crumble and reveal a hole. Enter it and defeat all the enemies, then enter the hole when the fire disappears. The levels get more difficult; bring fairies. At the last one, you will receive a Heart piece. You must complete all fifty levels in order to get the heart. Jonah Heredia.
Note: This requires the Tingle Tuner, which you can get from Tingle in Windfall Island's prison, a Game Boy Advance, and a link cable. With the Tingle Tuner on, sail to Outset Island. You must have the Tuner on when you reach the island. Enter ashore and Tingle will shout that he has found his brother Knuckle. The two of them will start a conversation, then Knuckle will ask you to do a few things for him. First, he asks you to go to the outdoor bath. That is the bath next to Link's house. Jump into it to receive the next assignment, which is to climb down the ladder that no one uses. Go over to the watch tower and you should see a ladder going into the water. Climb down and Knuckle will give you a new mission, to climb the highest rock. This rock is just before the bridge that leads into the woods. Climb on top of it to receive the final mission, to drop below the suspension bridge. Go over to the wrecked bridge and drop down below. Knuckle will give up and give you the Hand-Me-Down Tuner, which replaces the Red Book on your Game Boy Advance. You can buy things from Knuckle wherever you are with this item. Also, Knuckle will appear at Tingle Island so that you can take his Pictograph and make his figurine at the Nintendo Gallery. RockmanX.
Go to Grandma's House. Talk to her, and she will mutter "Link... Aryll... don't leave poor Grandma". Leave and go to the forest at the top of Outset Island (where you saved Tetra). Go to the big rock blocking the Fairy Fountain. Use a Bomb to break the rock. Jump inside. After talking to the Fairy, use an empty bottle to capture a Fairy. Bring the fairy back to Grandma's House. Let the Fairy go and it will go around Grandma. She will feel better and give two servings of her special soup to you. This fills you energy meter and doubles your attack power. Simpleplangrl111.
You must have a training session with Orca. He will not give it to you until your sister is kidnapped. It is best that you see her first. Colhan3000.
In order to get the Ice and Fire Arrows, you will first need the bow and arrow. Next, fill up to maximum with arrows. Set sail and find a big cyclone that resembles a tornado. Sail directly into it and there will be an intermission sequence showing a giant frog on a pink cloud. He will be in the center of the cyclone. Shoot him three times with the arrows. This is difficult because your boat is moving constantly and the wind is strong enough to blow your arrows off course. After hitting him three times he will teach you a melody that allows you to control his cyclones. Call his cyclone and have it take you to Mother And Child Island. It will drop you in a fairy pool, and the Great Fairy will give you the Fire and Ice Arrows. By doing so, you will also get to travel across the sea quicker. Yankees0014.
First, you will need the Exotic Flower. Go to Mother and Child Isles (B2) and trade your Exotic Flower for his Pinwheel. Note: You may need to first complete the game. jediphillip813.
If you hit a Peahat (the things that fly around) with your boomerang and it falls on land, it will move its razor-like teeth up and down in an attempt to eat you. Tetrazel.
On the very top of Outset Island, float across the gap with the Deku Leaf. Bomb the rock in front of the cave and talk to the Great Fairy. She will give you the Rupee Pouch. MetaRidley15.
There is a big house behind Orca's house. Talk to the blonde woman. She will tell you she wants a pet for her kids. Crawl up to a pig, pick it up, and throw it into the pen where the woman is located. She will reward you with rupees. Collect all the pigs and she will keep rewarding you for each of them. EmmyG9.
There are two pictures inside near the entrance. On the right, there is the king. On the left, there is Princess Zelda with a group of assistants who all coincidentally look like Tetra's pirates. Matt Ransom.
When going inside Ice Ring Island for the first time, uncover the Iron Boots then walk past the blowing wind. You will find a hole. Go inside it. You will see a number of enemies frozen. Do not unfreeze them. Just unfreeze the Knight. After killing the Knight, he will give you a Knight's Crest. Leave the hole, then go back down. The Knight will be there, frozen again. Unfreeze him, and kill him, get another Knight's Crest, and repeat as many times as needed. MEAR221.
When you are on Ice Ring Island, start running. Once you reach a good speed, hold the Analog-stick in the opposite direction. Link will attempt to turn around and ends up falling flat on his face. DragonlordALS.
When you get the Iron Boots from Ice Ring Island, go to the location where the wind is blowing from. You will see a hole. Go down the hole and melt the frozen monsters. Fight them to get a treasure. James Olsen.
Defeat the Shadow Ganons in the maze. When they die, their swords will be left behind and will point to the door that you must enter. Spiderdanny0000.
In Ganon's Tower, go to the room where you dropped down into the pit/maze to get the Light Arrows. You should be contacted by the King of Red Lions. He tells you about the similarities about this room and the one opposite that is filled with water. Look at the four sets of candles with only certain ones lit. Take note of the number of candles on each one in order from left to right. For example, four lit, two lit (Archway), three lit, and one lit. With that information, go to water room and look at where the candles should be. There are crystal switches there. Take out your Boomerang and target them by the number of candles that were lit at the spaces. Once that is done, throw and you should trigger an intermission sequence, making a portal that Ganondorf was using to get to the Great Sea before you pulled out the Master Sword. The King of Red Lions should also appear. If you sail into the portal you will appear at the derelict Forsaken Fortress. Adam Bell.
It can be difficult to shine light on the Dark ChuChus who never stay stone long enough. There is an easier way. When you enter the door, notice the two pots on either side. Do not break the pots. If you do, go outside and come back in again. To get to the Boss door you must leave two switches pressed down to open two staircases. Walk carefully through the first corridor, opening the stone coffins and defeating the enemies. When you locate the first switch, go back to the beginning, carry one pot, and place it carefully on the switch (do not break it). Make your way to the second switch, opening the coffins and defeating the enemies as before. Then go back to the beginning of the corridor, carry the second pot, and place it carefully on the second switch. You cannot use the first pot because you need it on the switch to get back up the stairs. You may ignore and run past the Stalfos if you wish. Lisa S. Murphy.
Whenever you see a constant shining light while sailing (night or day), sail toward it until you are just a short distance from it, but not so much that it will vanish. Cruise up to it, keeping a good eye on where it was located. When you think you have reached it (which should be when you hear the "humming" sound), drop the grappling hook over the right side and you should get it. You will probably rarely have to switch to the left side. Most of these treasure points have a red rupee; the others have a purple rupee. Serrell Sprenkle.
On your first visit to the Forsaken Fortress, get caught. When you are inside, smash the pot on top of the shelves to get into the tunnel, which leads to the dungeon map. If done correctly, you will not get hurt. chris007.
Go to the room where you obtained the compass. There should be an enemy near the treasure chest. Do not kill him, yet. Instead, use your Grappling Hook on him to get a Joy Pendant. Kill him, leave the room, and repeat as many times as needed. TmAnRuLeS11.
When you go to Forsaken Fortress the second time, you will fight the Hammerlock King. To skip it and not get the heart container, go next to the vertical spikes. Wait until the Hammerlock king pecks down at you. Avoid it, and do not hit it with your skull hammer. Go directly next to its head. When the Hammerlock King lifts its head, do a back flip. You should flip over the spikes. The Hammerlock King cannot hurt you. Follow the pathway to Ganandorf. Gary Parriott.
After you complete the four courses at the beginning of the dungeon, go to the room with the candles and jump down the pit. What follows is similar to a maze. First, go to the door in the back. Then, go to the following doors in these directions: left, foward, left, right, and foward. You will now encounter Phantom Ganon. Hit the balls he throws at you with your sword. He will hit it back and you will need to hit it back at him. Keep doing this until he gets hits. He will become stunned. Run up to him and hit him with your sword. He will disappear, and a chest will appear .Inside are Light Arrows. You will encounter him again soon, but you just need to hit him with the Light Arrow once to defeat him. jiunloveray01.
Use the following trick to break the barrier that leads to Ganon's Tower- First, you must get the Master Sword. Then, complete the Wind Temple and Earth Temple. Next, get all eight shards of the Triforce. Return to Hyrule and go to the bridge. Swing your sword at the barrier and there will be a little flick. The barrier will break and you can now fight Ganon. Mwmsoto.
At Forest Haven (first waterfall), there is a Grappling Hook place to get on the other side of the stream. Fall down the waterfall and use the grappling hook from there. You will enter a cavern. Note: This is as if being inside a building (no weapons or monsters). kahle harned.
Go to the highest exit in the Forest Haven and you will be on a cliff like the one in front of the Nintendo Gallery, facing a platform with a chest that contains a treasure chart. Tetrazel.
First, go to Windfall Island, and trade 20 Joy Pendants from the teacher and receive the Cabana Deed. Go to the island with a huge waterfall with a swimming pool and cabin. Stand next to the door and show the Cabana Deed. A person will tell you to come in. Go inside and use your Grappling Hook at the top. Swing until the fire at the fire place is gone. Go under and find your way to a Triforce Chart. GCN2003.
To avoid getting caught by the spotlights, find where the spotlight is located. Go to the stairs, and kill the person controlling it with a stick in one of the pots. Spencer Donnelly.
This can be done in the Earth Temple or any other place with Floor Masters. Have your bombs equipped. When you lock on to a Floor Master, take out a bomb and get ready to throw it . When the bomb is about to explode throw it at the Floor Master. It will catch the bomb, and if your timing was good, it will explode in the Floor Master's hand, causing it some pain. Note: If you throw the bomb too early, the Floor Master will catch it and throw it back, hurting you. Gcubegamer92.
Shoot it with a ice arrow. When it us frozen, smash it with the Skull Hammer. misi37210.
When you are running low on magic, find one of the flowers that shoots you high into the air. Jump into it. Do not tilt the Analog-stick in any direction. Allow yourself to be thrown up and down several times and your magic will be refilled. Tom Kwiatkowski.
Once you get the Cabana Deed, go inside the Cabana by The Forest Haven. Once inside, take out your grappling hook and aim for the pots. Break the four pots and a lot of rupees will appear. Tetra1.
Instead of entering the Forest Haven and gliding down to the Trophy club, sail over to the Trophy Island and go around the back. Do not go too fast or you will sail past it. You will see an indentation on the back of the island. In that indention is a ladder. Climb up the ladder and you are there. Stephen.
Go inside the dungeon and find steaming gas going up into the air. Put pots or rocks on it, and they will start to going up in the air. ericgarciatheman.
Go away and approach the island from the south. Position yourself so that the island is just barely visible and use the telescope. Look at the top of the volcano and there will be nothing there. If you move about ten feet closer and look, there will be an all black dragon there. If you go even closer, the dragon will be so visible you can even see the yellow stripes on his back. Sean Hall.
Use your Wind Waker and play the Command Melody (Left, Center, Right, Center). You will be able to control Medli and fly for a little while. You can also pick her up, jump off a high ledge, and fly for a short time. Simpleplangrl111.
Use the Deku Leaf on the beach at the Earth Temple. Rupees will randomly appear from the sand. Note: This only works once. DragonlordALS.
To do all of this, you must have first completed the Wind Temple. To board the ghost ship, go to Diamond Steppe island. From your boat, find the closest tree to the coast and hook onto it with your hookshot. Continue hooking onto trees until you get to the top, where you will find a hole. Drop down to find the remains of a pirate ship. Burn the lids off the pots, and you will eventually find a treasure chest with the ghost ship chart. Without this, if you try to get onto the ship, it will disappear. The chart will tell you where the ship will appear, It only appears at night. It is a transparent ship with blue flames around it. When you enter it, you will fight a series of enemies (there are small pillars of light for Poes). When you are done with those, you can grab your Triforce Chart. An eerie laugh will sound and the ship will disappear. Tim Bandarchi.
When visiting Dragon Roost Island For the first time, do everything up until you get to toss Medli to the other side of the spring. Miss throwing her and make her hit a wall. Stars will appear like when you place a high bid in the auctions, and she will say "Link, I didn't know you were triplets" or something to that effect. This will not affect your adventure in any way if you toss her correctly the next time on the inclined rock facing, and the wind is blowing north. Chris A Wadzinski.
First, get the Winds Requiem from the stone block. Then, at the Dragon Roost entrance after talking to Medli, play the melody to change the wind. You should change the wind to the north. Then, the sounds in the background will calm down and the wind will keep going north. Take Medli and walk onto the stone platform. Throw her at the high ledge. Spencer Pearson.
After you get the Bomb Pouch (which makes it easier) go to Dragon Roost Island. Go to the part of the island near the Wind Shrine and bomb the large rock there. Drop down the hole that is revealed and complete the simple puzzle of defeating enemies. Your prize for completing this is 50 rupees. However, many jars are also in there, containing another 40 rupees that regenerate every time you enter that room. In about twenty minutes, you can have about 750 rupees easily. SS3Trunks777.
Go to Dragon Roost Cavern after you get the Grappling Hook. Go inside and get to the part with the Bokoblins. Do not kill them yet. Use the Grappling Hook to steal their Joy Pendants. Go outside, then enter again. Repeat this as many times as desired. This is extremely useful if you are trying to get the Hero's Charm. MikeRoChip31.
After escaping the flood, use the Magic Hammer and hit Zeetlock to make him fall into the water. When it tries to perform a beak smash on you, dodge it and its beak will get stuck, making it weak. Smack it with the hammer until its helmet cracks off. Now strike Zeetlock's head with your sword to defeat it. MetaRidley15.
Go up to an enemy and shoot a Light Arrow at it. Use this trick to get away from the enemy quickly. Tetra1.
To get the Triforce Chart on Bird Peak Rock, you will need arrows, plenty of Hyoi Pears, the Grappling Hook (optional), and a lot of patience. First, try to take out the black birds with arrows. If desired, use the Grappling Hook to get up onto the high ledge. This will give you a better chance of hitting all the birds. Be careful, as there is a Blue ChuChu on the ledge. While you are shooting down the birds, you may hit some of the switches. Do not worry about this happening, as there is no time limit as long as you do not leave the island. Once you have shot down all or most of the birds, use the Hyoi Pear to control a gull. If there are two out of a total of five black birds left, you are fine. Fly around the Isle where the birds were and hit the switches one by one. As long as you can outmaneuver the birds, the gull is safe. Here is a general map, with "l" indicating a low switch and "h" indicating a high switch:
Go to Crescent Isle on a full moon and wait awhile. You should see a green ship that resembles Tetra's. Note: It can shoot cannon balls at you. Bmark1492.
When you enter the room where Puppet Gannon is supposed to be, you will see a bed with Zelda in it. You and her are not the only ones in the room. Gannon is also in the room with you. As soon as he is done talking, you will begin fighting Puppet Gannon. You will need the Boomerang and the Light Arrows. Cut all of the strings before you try to shoot Light Arrows. He will then start spinning around. When his tail is facing you, shoot and repeat until he goes back up and reties his strings. Repeat the process until he starts to transform into his next, spider, form. Watch the reflection of the water. When it comes down on you, move towards the back of it, where the little "bulb" is located. Shoot it when it comes down. Repeat the process until he transforms for the last time, into a snake. Fire Light Arrows until he is defeated. Videogamer2.
To kill the annoying Seahats (giant flying sea creatures), have arrows or Boomerang + Sail + Magic Armor. This armor should be turned on if it gets too difficult. They seem to stay in a specific range. Use either weapon to snipe them to death. Zero Account.
Place a bomb at the feet of a Stalfos. Run off before it grunts. The Stalfos will either hit the bomb with its spinning attack or the bomb will explode on its own. Either way, when it breaks up into pieces from the blast, stun its head with the boomerang. Once stunned, smash the head with the Skull Hammer and it will die instantly. This useful in the Outset Island hole (where you get the Triforce Chart and Heart Piece). Keaton.
When you can encounter a Stalfos, attack it until its head is flopping around. Instead of killing it, take its mace. When it reforms, it will not have a weapon. Instead, it will pull off its arm and try to attack you with it. It will not do any damage, but it can steal its mace back. Win Mason.
When you see the Tornado God, hit him with your arrows. After that, you will be somewhere in the map and should have Ice or Fire Arrows. OyPn0yAyPnAy.
Use a parry attack on a Magtail to defeat it. jediphillip813.
Wait for its head to stick out of the ground, then pull its tongue with the Hookshot .Hit it as much as possible. It will then go around the room . Run around the room until a hole reappears . Then, repeat this until it is defeated. jiunloveray01.
When you return to Outset Island to find the last pearl, go to Orca's house. He will challenge you to fight. You must hit him one hundred times without getting hit three times. The best way is to lure him to the center, do two sword combos, then parry. Afterwards you must hit him three hundred times. Menzeeto.
After your second encounter at Forsaken Fortress, you will have to battle Phantom Gannon. When he hurls an energy ball at you, hit it back with your sword. After defeating him, you will get a Skull Hammer. Jonah Heredia.
Go to an area where there are Poes. Kill any enemies except for the Poe and there is no light. Then, let the Poe catch Link. He will become confused, but not hurt. When you are no longer confused, the Poe will die and not return. mirrorlink900.
When it is chasing you on top of the building, it will try to hit you with its beak. The beak will get stuck on the ground. Hit it with your Skull Hammer. Repeat this until the helmet on the beak breaks. Then repeat, but instead of using the Skull Hammer use your sword. jiunloveray01.
When he sticks his beak in the ground, hit him with your Skull Hammer. Do this three times . You can continue this process, or do the same as above except with your Master Sword. Jakocurt53.
Use your Mirror Shield to make him become more visible and lay on his back. Then, pick him up and throw him against the wall. A group of little enemies will go everywhere. Kill as many as you can until they become the big Boss again. Repeat this until you have killed all the little ghosts. rjoreps.
You must first disconnect all of the roots from the ceiling using the boomerang. Work fast before the roots grow back. When it falls from the ceiling, quickly attack the weak center. After ten to twelve sword hits, the Boss will be defeated. MetaRidley15.
Equip the Hookshot and target the tip of the purple tentacle. Once you grab the tentacle, slice it with your sword. Get back before it closes up on you and continue to Hookshot the tentacle and attack it with your sword until it dies. npabf rylctifdpMetaRidley15.
Auto lock onto the Boss' hands using your bow and fire. Then, shoot arrows at the two red eyes. When its head drops to the ground, throw a bomb into its mouth. Repeat this three times and it will fall. MetaRidley15.
When the battle starts, use the Grappling Hook and grab on to the red tail that is hanging from the ceiling and swing across the Boss. It will cause a large boulder to drop on his head and stun him. Then, attack his eye with your sword to defeat him. MetaRidley15.
When Princess Zelda shoots Ganondorf with a Light Arrow, walk up and hit him with a few sword combos. Once Ganondorf receives enough damage, line yourself up with Princess Zelda, so that when she fires a Light Arrow towards you, Link can deflect it off the Mirror Shield and hit Ganondorf. Once Ganondorf is stunned, move in and hit him with your sword. Repeat this until he is defeated. MetaRidley15.
Successfully complete the game and save at the end. Start another game with that saved game file. Ayril will be wearing the skull shirt from the ending, Link will wear his pajamas from the beginning all the way through the game, and the pictograph that takes color pictures will be in your inventory. Jason Howell.
When you get near one, it will start shooting a laser at you. Quickly shoot an arrow at it .There are two kinds of Beamos, blue and red. The blue Beamos only aims up and down and are easier. The red Beamos aims at you, and is more difficult to destroy. brandon lee.
Do not throw bombs at dark hands. They will throw them back at you. David Ozley.
Run around it until it swings its sword . Then, cut of its armor and kill it like a regular monster . Jakocurt53.
This trick requires two bottles, and a telescope. Go to Grandma's and fill one bottle with Elixir. Set the bottle of Elixir to Y. Press Start + Y, then put an empty bottle in Y, where elixir was located. You will now have two bottles all together; one bottle full of Elixir, and one bottle half filled with Elixir. Set the full Elixir back to Y. Press Y + Start, then select the telescope on Y. You will drink the Elixir, but keep a whole bottle. This can be repeated as many times as needed. john. c. hemphill jr.
Enter the Zelda as a name when you begin a new game to hear slightly different background music throughout the game. Steven Dyke.
Successfully complete the game. This allows you to understand the ancient language of Hyrule. When you talk to the Gods such as Valoo and Jabun, you will understand what they are saying. Skyler Helsley.
Delivery bag M5MP-JKF4-NE6KX QMRB-153C-MDWFV Infinite all-purpose bait QT97-ZTUT-QBUQV 898C-JVM9-QEOVT EPVK-UPYO-AG5WD Infinite hyoi pear bait ANX3-A3QE-BZH4K XVYR-XMEE-E9BFM FGUT-BQ89-EGWCV Red Chu Jelly 3622-4HJB-EFUH5 RQ9B-6W4N-TTV99 Green Chu Jelly 2QZU-ZWC6-W9NA4 22R4-3X4G-MC6CW Blue Chu Jelly DEHY-F2BA-2KKJW 2391-1BRD-ZXJQJ Hookshot DZO6-3D9Y-V9NMV VQK7-AYME-POO4P Skull Hammer AZXO-3FNR-TZD1M 7DVM-7M8F-NDV8D