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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Story Walkthrough Part 1

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GameZone's Story Walkthrough series tackles the epicness that is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. In this installment we learn the backstory of the Skyward Sword world, meet Zelda, and find out our Loftwing is missing? Uh oh! I bet that damned Groose took it! View Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Cheats

Skyward Sword: The Moonlight Merchant and Prices:

At the Waterfall Cave in Skyloft during nighttime, you can summon the Moonlight Merchant.  This merchant sells rare and expensive items. 

Search for 3 Blessed Butterflies around this area and play your harp as if you were summoning the Gossip Stone.  The Moonlight Merchant will appear.

Monster Horn 100 Rupees
Dusk Relic 100 Rupees
Evil Crystal 100 Rupees
Goddess Plume 200 Rupees
Golden Skull 200 Rupees
Blue Bird Feather 200 Rupees


Healing Chairs:

There will be times in dungeons where you will find chairs or stools.  If you have Link sit on them they will start to refresh your hearts after a short amount of time.


Skyward Sword: Gratitude Crystal Rewards Unlocks:

You gain Gratitude Crystals though the Gratitude Requests desired by towns folk.  Some of the crystals can be found in the sky.  Turn these crystals into Batreaux and he will reward you with the prizes below:

The Medium Wallet (Holds 500 Rupees) Find 5 Gratitude Crystals
Piece of Heart Find 10 Gratitude Crystals
Big Wallet and Cursed Medal (Holds 1,000 Rupees) Find 30 Gratitude Crystals
Gold Rupee Find 40 Gratitude Crystals
Giant Wallet (Holds 5,000 Rupees) Find 50 Gratitude Crystals
2 Gold Rupees Find 70 Gratitude Crystals
Tycoon Wallet (Holds 9,000 Rupees) Find 80 Gratitude Crystals