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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a must-have single player Action-Adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS. A reimagining of the original Nintendo 64 classic, the game features the full original game graphically overhauled in the glasses-free 3D made possible by the Nintendo 3DS. Along with this, the game includes all-new new challenges unique to this release, including a master quest, a new Boss Challenge mode that allows for flexibility in how you face bosses and in-game video segments.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Cheats

When you arrive in the Hyrule Castle courtyard, look at the left window. Now take out your slingshot, and shoot the potted plant. Someone will yell at you to stop doing that, and they will also throw a bomb at you.

Hidden Bowser Broach

Egg Nintendo 3DS

If you look at the broach that Malon is wearing, you will notice that it is actually Bowser's face.

Get a Cow Inside your Tree House

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Cow in tree house. After beating the race at Lon Lon ranch for Epona, race again and get the best time (49 seconds or below) to unlock a cow for your tree house.

Elemental Arrows

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Fire Arrow Shoot the sun after the Water Temple
Ice Arrow Complete the Gerudo Training Ground
Light Arrow Beat all the temples, then talk to Shiek

Golden Fairy

Hint Nintendo 3DS

When Navi goes to a random point and turns green, take out your ocarina and play Zelda's Lullaby or Song of Storms. A golden fairy will then appear fully healing your health and restoring your magic

When breaking out of your prison cell after getting captured, jump to the ledge on your left, take out the guards and smash the wooden boxes. Behind the box is a poster of Link from Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword posters can be found in numerous other places in the game as well.

When you arrive in Lon Lon Ranch as adult (haven't tested with kid) go into Malon and Talon's House (Cucco House) go upstairs into the bedroom go to the dressers, and smash the two pots. Then go and stand where they were, look towards the dresser closer to the door, and go into first person view. Then, look down and you see a picture of Skyward Sword link slashing with some cool Hylian text in the background.

When you go to visit Zelda at the beginning of the game, look in the window to your right when you walk in. In the original version, there used to be some paintings of Mario, Luigi, etc. However, in the 3DS version, there's something different. There's a mural of a Mario level, complete with blocks and pipes.

Unlock Master Quest

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Master Quest Beat the game for the first time.

Unlock Boss Challenge

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
All Bosses Challenge Beat, individually, all bosses in Challenge mode
Any Boss Challenge Talk to Sheik to learn the prelude of light and unlock this, then beat the boss to fight it in Challenge mode.

Lens of Truth Uses No Magic

Unlock Nintendo 3DS

This is the same glitch as in the N64 version, you need to play the song of storms, then immediately equip the lens of truth. The lens of truth won't use any magic if this is done fast enough.

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu as an Adult

Unlock Nintendo 3DS

Go to where Lord Jabu-Jabu was as an adult and go to the left hand (master quest=right hand) side of the piece of ice where he was and run along the edge. After a few attempts you will be able to get inside Lord Jabu-Jabu as an adult and you can even active door switches and walk through the whole dungeon. Unfortunately, since the temple was cleared before, you cannot re-defeat the boss or mini-boss.