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The evil Shogun Kunitoki has long envied the powers of the Ninja brotherhood and would do anything to acquire their knowledge. To this end, he has sworn an oath to their total destruction. Once every decade, all Ninja must travel to the Island of Lin Fen, where they pay homage to the Shrine of the White Ninja and receive further teachings from the Koga Scrolls. Seizing the opportunity, Kunitoki summoned forth all the spirits from the depths of the Nether World and flung their full force against the amassed Ninja. None escaped the wrath of Kunitoki. Word of this unnatural disaster soon reached Armakuni, the last Ninja. Gathering all his courage, he has sworn to wreak a terrible revenge on the Shogun and all his followers. What unforeseen hazards await him?

The Last Ninja Cheats

Enter the combination obtained from the computer earlier in the game. Then light all of the candles before quickly killing the opponent in the center of the screen before he extinguishes the candles.

Final battle

Unlock Wii
Enter 550446503776HC6 as a password.

Fifteen lives

Unlock Wii
Enter HHHHHHHHHHH0HHH as a password.

Unlimited lives

Unlock Wii
Immediately hold Top Left + Top Right + Blue as the game begins to load.

Level Passwords

Unlock Wii
2 611111612314901 3 C444444F5041DG4 4 7000008036058C0 5 HCDCD8081086048 6 BG9G9F5FCFD950F