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The Last Guardian's story follows that of a yet-to-be-named boy who is trying to escape from a setting resembling the ruins of a large expansive castle. The game will revolve around the developing friendship between the boy and a giant, feathered creature resembling a griffin named Trico

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Platform: PS4 (reviewed) Developer: genDESIGN, SIE Japan Studio Publisher: Sony MSRP: $59.99  Introduction I sat there, my dog, Wrigley, by my side, watching as the credits rolled. She laid with me nearly the entire 12-or-so hour playthrough, save for the few times when she protected the house from squirrels. She mostly slept as I solved my way through the puzzle ruins, waking occasionally to the sound of my beastly companion, Trico, howling. But as I recounted my journey through the credits of The Last Guardian, I was saddened -- not necessarily by the events that unfolded in the game, but because my previous fur-baby would not do half of the things the beast in the game did. The Last Guardian tells the emotional story of a young... Read Review

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