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The King of Fighters

The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Cheats

Complete the game in one player mode as Rugal on any difficulty setting. Save the game, then load that file. Then, hold Start while choosing Rugal at the character select screen.

Stage Select

Press Select at the order select screen.
Highlight the normal version of one of the fighters below at the character select screen, then hold L1 and press any button: Evil Rugal Berstein '95 Kyo Real Bout 2 Terry Bogard Real Bout 2 Andy Bogard '94 Joe Higashi '94 Ryo Sakazaki '94 Robert Garcia '94 Yuri Sakazaki Evil Yashiro Nanakase Evil Shermie Evil Chris Real Bout 2 Mai Shiranui Real Bout Bout 2 Billy Kane
Highlight the survival mode option, then hold Start + Triangle and press Circle.
Collect over 100,000 points before knocking out the CPU fighter in rounds three or four. The round four knockout must be a perfect victory. Or, beat all CPU opponents without losing any team members from rounds one through five.