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Read Books, Unlock Stuff with Fable III

  Novels based on games are growing in popularity. Ironic, considering many believe books are being left behind in favor of more technologically-advanced forms of entertainment. Like games. With this in mind, publisher Ace Books has collaborated with Lionhead Studios to encourage gamers to actually read a book. How? By offering an unlockable weapon for the latest entry in the series upon which it is based: Fable. Find out more after the jump. Read More


Sega Announces Thor Game for 2011

Continuing its run of releasing games based upon Marvel's line of films set to eventually assemble as "The Avengers", Sega has announced plans to release a video game based on next year's "Thor" motion picture for all platforms. One would likely presume such a game would likely feature the titular deity running around Asgard and the real world and saving the planet from the evil forces of Loki - the typical stuff. Then again, it goes without saying that having a game made by Sega may be a task to big even for the god of thunder. Read More


The Incredible Hulk Faces the Everlovin' Blue-Eyed Thing in Punch-Out!!

One complaint about Nintendo which is frequently heard in various video game circles is that when it comes to many of their "core" offerings, they don't advertise nearly enough. Case in point: Excitebots: Trick Racing. However, such allegations are far more difficult to make where Punch-Out!! is concerned, as Nintendo's recent commercials for the game have been some of the most memorable and well-received in quite some time. And as you can see above, they haven't stopped there, taking the fight into the world of Marvel Comics. You can find a larger version at Gamervision, where they've "contacted Nintendo for an official statement... on who would win in a match of Punch-Out!!, obviously." My money is on Grimm, mainly as I think Hulk would more likely break his controllers. Read More


E3 2009 Media: Prototype Screens and Fact Sheet

Discover what lies beyond the edge of evolution… An all-new, third-person open-world/action game, PROTOTYPE™ lets gamers feel the power of being the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. You are the PROTOTYPE: Alex Mercer – a genetically mutated man without memory, armed with amazing shape-shifting abilities, hunting your way to discover what created you and determined to make those responsible pay. As Alex, gamers tear through a densely populated contemporary New York City with Parkour-style agility, consuming anybody that gets in their way…assuming their physical identity, memories and abilities. Fueled by a three-way war between Alex, the Blackwatch (military) and a viral outbreak known as the Infected, players venture into a deep, dark conspiracy 40 years in the making! Yeah... I was running out of things to say, and liked Ken's idea so much, I decided to use it myself, with a slight adjustment. You can find images in the gallery, and the rest of the fact sheet after the cut. Read More