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Discover a world of mystery and danger in The Golden Compass, the upcoming action adventure video game based on the best-selling novel by Philip Pullman and the major motion picture from New Line Cinema. Going beyond the film you can experience the unforgettable journey through the eyes of protagonist Lyra Belacqua on a quest to rescue her imprisoned uncle and kidnapped best friend. Joining Lyra on her mission is her spirit daemon, Pan, as well as a giant and powerful armored bear, Iorek, and the mysterious Golden Compass

The Golden Compass Cheats


Alchemist (40) Find at least 3 Elixers of the Witch.
Child Of Destiny (250) Complete the game.
Fire King (30) Defeat the Flame Thrower Boss.
Inquisitive (50) Answer at least 30 Alethiometer Questions.
King Of Svalbard (30) Defeat King Ragnar.
Lyra Belacqua (100) Answer all 48 Alethiometer Questions.
Lyra Silvertongue (50) Complete at least 25 Deception Games with "Success" rating.
Pantalaimon (100) Reach the North Camp.
Samoyed Ruler (30) Defeat the Samoyed Hunter Boss.
Shaman Suppressor (10) Defeat the Shaman Boss.
Symbol Adept (50) Collect at least 80 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.
Symbol Apprentice (20) Collect at least 50 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.
Symbol Master (150) Collect all 108 Alethiometer Symbol Meanings.
Tank Destroyer (30) Defeat the Tranq Tank Boss.
Witch Dominator (30) Defeat Queen Vala.
Zeppelin Champion (30) Defeat the Zeppelin.
Unlock "Audio Session: Dakota Blue Richards" Featurette Compass / Sun / Madonna
Unlock "Audio Session: Freddie Highmore" Featurette Compass / Moon / Wild Man
Unlock "Behind the Scenes:" Featurette Alpha/Omega / Alpha/Omega / Compass
Unlock "Daemon Motion Reference Shoot" Featurette Griffin / Elephant / Owl
Unlock "Polar Bears in Motion" Featurette Sun / Moon / Wild Man