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Euro Parliament Member Lost Father to Mafia, Seeks to Ban Mafia II

In yet another example of games being given "special" treatment over all other forms of entertainment, Sonia Alfano, a member of the European Parliament, is calling for the banning of Mafia II (which has been out for four months already, by the way), due to "fresh wounds" relating to the 17-years-ago murder of her father. Alfano reportedly lost her father to organized crime in 1993, and she's been waging war on the mafia throughout the course of her political career. Her Wikipedia says so, and for lack of a better source, that's what we're going to cite. Read More


Star Wars in the Arcades

One of the few things Star Wars is never lauded enough for is its contributions to the world of arcade games. While people often talk about the amazing recent classic RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic or the killer old-school classics like the DOS/Windows 95 X-Wing and TIE Fighter simulations, rarely will you hear mention of the awesome arcade experiences that the franchise has bestowed upon us over the years.  Star Wars is essentially the godfather of the under appreciated "rail shooter" genre.  Let's take a look at some of the franchise's under-loved milestones. Read More


Mafia II Trailer Gets Help from Ol Blue Eyes

Making a trailer is an art completely contained within itself. Things have to keep moving, and yet a consistent tone should be established if the trailer is going to leave viewers interested and wanting more. The newest trailer for Mafia II is one of the best examples of a videogame trailer in some time.  Drawing from obvious inspirations, such as The Godfather and Goodfellas this trailer invokes Frank Sinatra's "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" to establish the atmosphere, and the game's slick animation and tech smoothly introduces the characters that inhabit the game-world. More after the break. Read More


EA Takes the Axe to Nine More Online Titles

A while back, it was revealed that Electronic Arts was cutting online support for a number of games, some of which were surprisingly recent entries in their sports lineup. Some are by default, due to the termination of support for the original Xbox LIVE, while others are probably simply due to few people actually playing those games online. EA's Service Updates page lists the nine new games to go down, one of which is in Asia only: Army of Two for the PlayStation 3. Following the cut is how it breaks down. Read More


Nintendo Download - 6.29.09: It's No Reel Fantasy: Water, Sudoku, and Silver Stars Can Boost You

Before there was Sonic the Hedgehog, blazing trails for SEGA as the company's mascot, there was Alex Kidd. Or was there? The strange boy with the monkey-like features is often regarded as SEGA's pre-Sonic mascot, but according to IGN, that is only unofficially. Officially, it was the sentient spaceship who starred in the Fantasy Zone games, Opa-Opa, who carried the company's banner. And today, that very same mascot's second title for the Master System is our sole Virtual Console release. Other goodies for download today include the 500 DSi Point Sudoku Master by Hudson, as every DS unit needs Sudoku on it. Every. Single. One. WiiWare has a triple threat, and two of them are all wet. Water Warfare from Hudson is a deathmatch-- better make that "wet match"-- for up to 8 players. If you have that many people together and they all pay you a dollar to play, you'll have recovered your costs. 500 Wii Points can get you Natsume's Reel Fishing Challenge. Finally, 500 more points will bring you Agetec's Silver Star Reversi, whose description is so vague, I really have no idea what it's about. See for yourself, along with details for the rest, after the cut. Read More


E3 2009: EA: No Plans for a Godfather Sequel

Though the fate of the franchise remains undecided, it seems likely that EA is finished with The Godfather. The Los Angeles Times reports that at E3 last week, EA Games President Frank Gibeau stated that following the release of The Godfather II in April, his company was done making deals with the don. "We're not going to do another one," he said flatly, before noting that there are no Godfather games on their current production schedule, one which reaches ahead three years. However, a spokesperson from Paramount told a different story... Read More


EA Enters Weapon Smuggling Business, Has Second Thoughts

Reviewers tend to get all sorts of cool swag from game companies when they send out copies of their newest titles for review. And EA thought it would be a great idea to send reviewers of The Godfather II sets of brass knuckles with which they can do business, just like in the game (or so I'm assuming; otherwise the whole idea kind of falls apart). Turns out, it wasn't such a good idea. And not for the reason one might initially think. After all, who in their right minds arms their critics? But as it so happens, EA wasn't in their right minds, and now they want backsies. Read More