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In the tradition of Monopoly, Scrabble, and Sorry!, the next marquis addition to our Hasbro Interactive Family Game line up is The Game of Life. For families, Hasbro Interactive brings one of the most fondly remembered family games of all time to CD-ROM in a living, breathing board game experience. The interactive game marries the classic gameplay of LIFE, known and loved by generations, with an immersive 3D environment. Using hundreds of dynamic animations and hours of music, you will travel down the road of life -- growing, learning, and experiencing. Exclusive "car-cam" technology will draw you into the world, creating an exciting first-person experience as you drive down roads and over hills. You will transcend the years as your musical tastes, vehicles, and hairstyles all change with time. You'll choose a college or a career, get married, start a family, buy a house, and eventually retire. But will it be at Countryside Estates or Millionaire Acres? You'll never know unless you spin the spinner and take your chances - in The Game of Life.

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To look around on the board, have your analog controller on red and use the left joystick. Use the right joystick to spin hard fast. To take over another player, when promted to press X, press it repeatadly on your controller.

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A lot of ways of making money without even trying. But this is fool proof. Be a cop, and when you play the stock market, wait until you get a job to analyze the wheel. If you figure out the frequency of a number on the wheel, play the stock on that number.

Unlimited Money

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