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Dominate the underground bare-knuckle boxing world with an iron fist. Customize your fighter and enter back alleys to bet on matches or start your own. Dodge with precise head tracking and counter your opponents with accurately tracked strikes. Claim your victory and continue your quest to rule the underground ring. PlayStation Eye camera and two PlayStation Move motion controllers required.

The Fight: Lights Out Review

The Fight: Lights Out could've easily been a classic for the PlayStation 3, and the game that could truly show users what the PlayStation Move was all about. It's a fighting game that relies more on real-time movement than bedazzling special attacks, projectile throwing or ridiculous combo attacks. In other words, it's a lot like being in a fight club, only without the danger of feeling actual pain or shooting yourself in the mouth to kill your imaginary other self. So what's stopping it from being said classic? Well, pretty much the fact that throughout each battle, you're battling against the controls more than you are your opponent.In The Fight, you'll take on a number of opponents, including the Violator (no, not the one from the Spawn comics), the Preacher (no, not the one from the... Read Review

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