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True to classic platform game play, Fancy Pants Man speeds through an entirely new world to rescue his kidnapped sister, Cutie Pants. Racing through unique open levels, Fancy Pants Man will explore vast lands, defeat challenging enemies and overcome clever obstacles on his quest to save his sister. In this new adventure, Fancy Pants Man will wield new weapons, face new enemies and utilize new tricks and abilities as he glides through a variety of modes and challenges. Fast-paced and full of action.

The Fancy Pants Adventures Review

The idea of a flash game having its own downloadable retail release is no longer as far-fetched as it once seemed. With games like Alien Hominid and N+ making the jump to consoles, it’s great that indie developers are getting the recognition they deserve. Enter Brad Borne and his fantastically stylized concept of Fancy Pants, a squiggly lined hero with some wonderfully fancy pants.A pirate with a rainbow-colored beard is up to no good, terrorizing the people of Squiggleville. Our only savior is none other than the mohawk-sporting Fancy Pants, who zooms through levels and uses slick moves to save the day and his little sister. The story is there, but it's so paper thin and completely sporadic that it's hard to even pay attention to it. What will grab your attention are the graphics. They... Read Review

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