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Cheats for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Golden Claw / Dragon Claw Puzzle Solutions

  • Xbox 360
  • guide

Fellow Nords and Ladies, are the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim puzzles confusing you?  Did you just want to kill more Druaga and get past the annoying gates?  Are you tired of getting arrows fired at you from walls or fire burning you every time you get a puzzle wrong?  If so, this article is specifically for you!  Let’s start with the basics: 

The Animal Tablets:

You come across these animal tablets early in the game.  These tablets have three animals on them, one on each face of the tablet.  The ones early in the game have an eagle, a snake, and a whale on them (shown below).  These puzzles involve your character turning the faces of the tablet a certain way, to pull a lever, to open some sort of door.  The correct combination is usually on the wall around where the lever is.  The solutions to the early versions of these puzzles are literally behind the tablets you need to turn.  For instance, if there is a snake picture on a wall behind a pillar with one of the three-faced tablets, you need to turn the tablet until the snake is shown.  Do this with the three other tablets, pull the lever, and wall-la.  You will know if you got the combination correct if the door opens.  If the combo is wrong, you get arrow or fire in the face.  You will know.

Golden Claw / Dragon Claw

By the time you reach this genre of puzzle, there is a chance you will get confused.  The reason I say this is that you are so use to the animal tablet puzzles that you will scour the walls, floors, roofs, connecting rooms, back of dragons (not really), for where the combination is written in by the game developers.  Despite ALL your attempts to retrace your steps, the answer isn’t there.   Theses puzzles are always on doors, with a three prong dragon claw key slot, with three creatures on three rotating slabs – as shown below.

The answer to these puzzles is on the actual key.  This is where I feel folk are getting confused.  You have to pull open your item screen, find the dragon claw, and examine it so you can move it around – like during a loading screen.  This technique reminds me of the original Resident Evil and certain items.  Once examined, you will see three creatures on the claw in an order; remember this order, slide the slabs above the door to match the claw order, put the claw / key into the door, and wall-la – passage.  For an example of what the images on the claw look like, below is a picture of the Coral Dragon Claw. 

So enjoy this puzzle guide.  While there are no actual answers to specific puzzles in this guide, with the examples shown, you should be able to figure out theses styles of Skyrim puzzles.  Happy dragon hunting!

Skyrim Vampire Guide

  • Xbox 360
  • guide

Nords and ladies, do you desire to go bump in the night?  Does frost resistance interest you?  Do you HATE garlic?  Well Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim keeps up with their previous games in allowing you to contract vampirism.  This ‘how-to’ will guide you through the process of not only HOW to become a vampire but what vampirism can do for you.  Let’s jump right into it.

The only way to become a vampire is through ‘fighting’ vampires.  The reason I put fighting in air quotes is because the BEST way to become a vampire is to have one just beat on you until you contract the disease which starts the chain of events.  The popular strategy for receiving the disease is to single out a weak vampire, have it attack you, and just heal constantly (magic or pots) while it attacks you.  Eventually you should get the disease.

The disease is called Sanguinare Vampiris.  How do you know if you have it, I’ll tell you.  Open your magic menu, scroll to the bottom so you can see your ongoing buffs and debuffs.  Blue stats are positive stats while red ones are negative.  If you see Sanguinare Vampiris, step one is completed to becoming a vampire.

Sanguinare Vampiris is a disease.  Once contracted, you have 3 days (72 game hours) until you become a vampire.  If you don’t want to become a vampire, you can cure this disease like you would any other disease – restoration magic, cure disease potion, or praying to the right god.  If you DO want to become a vampire, wait it out or simply sleep.

Once the 3 days is over, you are a vampire and no longer someone with the Sanguinare Vampiris disease.  This means you are no longer diseased and that the vampirism can no longer be cured like a disease.  Vampirism is far more difficult to remove than Sanguinare Vampiris is.  So before becoming a vampire, please keep that in mind.  I will cover how to cure vampirism at the end of this guide.                 

Once you transform into a vampire, you become a Stage 1 vampire.  There are a total of 4 stages of vampirism.  Each stage increases both the positive and negative attributes of vampirism.  And yes, there ARE negatives to vampirism.  At any time you can return to Stage 1 simple by ‘feasting.’  To feast - sneak up to a sleeping NPC, crouch, and feast.  This action works similarly to pickpocketing.  So to get to the higher stages of vampirism, DO NOT feast. 

Stage 1:


  • Vampire's Servant – Once a Day: Reanimate a weak corpse for 60 seconds. Similar to necromancy in conjuration.
  • Vampire Sight - Toggle: Improve night vision for 60 seconds.


  • Vampiric Drain – Novice Destruction Spell - 5 magicka per second: Absorb 2 points of health per second from target.  Similar to the drain spells in Oblivion


  • Champion of the Night- Illusion spells are 25% more powerful.
  • Night Stalker's Footsteps - 25% harder to detect while sneaking.
  • Resist Disease - 100% resistance to disease.
  • Resist Frost - 25% resistance to frost.
  • Resist Poison - 100% resistance to poison.
  • Weakness to Fire - 25% weaker to fire.
  • Weakness to Sunlight - Health, magicka and stamina do not recover while in sunlight and are reduced by 15 points.  This only occurs when outside in ‘Skyrim’ during the day.

Stage 2:


  • Vampire Seduction - Creatures and people up to level 10 are calmed for 30 seconds.  This means they won’t attack you.


  • Resist Frost - 50% resistance to frost.
  • Weakness to Fire - 50% weaker to fire.
  • Weakness to Sunlight - Health, magicka and stamina do not recover while in sunlight and are reduced by 30 points.  This only occurs when outside in ‘Skyrim’ during the day.
  • Vampire's Servant - Once a Day: Reanimate a more powerful dead body to fight for you for 60 seconds.
  • Vampiric Drain - Novice Destruction Spell – 10 magicka per second: Absorb 3 points of health per second from target.

Stage 3:

  • Resist Frost - 75% resistance to frost.
  • Weakness to Fire - 75% weaker to fire
  • Weakness to Sunlight - Health, magicka and stamina do not recover while in sunlight and are reduced by 45 points.  This only occurs when outside in ‘Skyrim’ during the day.
  • Vampire's Servant - Once a Day: Reanimate a powerful dead body to fight for you for 60 seconds.
  • Vampiric Drain - Novice Destruction Spell – 12 magicka per second: Absorb 4 points of health per second from target.
  • People will only interact with you if you talk to them.

Stage 4:


  • Embrace of Shadows - Once a Day: The vampire becomes invisible, with improved night-vision for 180 seconds.


  • Resist Frost - 100% resistance to frost.
  • Weakness to Fire - 100% weaker to fire.
  • Weakness to Sunlight - Health, magicka and stamina do not recover while in sunlight and are reduced by 60 points.  This only occurs when outside in ‘Skyrim’ during the day.
  • Vampire's Servant - Once a Day: Reanimate a very powerful dead body to fight for you for 60 seconds.
  • Vampiric Drain - Novice Destruction Spell – 15 magicka per second Absorb 5 points of health per second from target.
  • People will be hostile towards you and might attack you on sight.

Curing Vampirism:

  • Go to Falkreath.
  • Head to ‘Dead Man’s Drink.’
  • Talk to Valga Vinicia.
  • Ask for rumors.
  • She tells you to go to Morthal to talk to Falion.
  • Talk to Falion, he tells you to fill a Black Soul Gem.
  • Talk to Falion again to buy the Black Soul Gem ~ 1300 gold.
  • Talk to Falion and buy the Soul Trap spell if you don’t already have it.
  • Cast Soul Trap on an enemy humanoid, kill it, fill the Black Soul Gem.
  • Return to Falion, meet him at dawn like he asks, he will cure your vampirism.

Special note:

  • Do not be in Stage 4 of vampirism when you talk to Falion or he will kill you.  Feast first if you must, get that last taste of blood in.
  • Becoming a lycanthrope (werewolf) will also cure vampirism.

Skyrim Werewolf Guide

  • Xbox 360
  • guide

Nords and Ladies, is humanity keeping you down?  Do you sometimes just want to release the beast within?   Do you like dogs?  If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has the answer for you!  This guide will teach you everything you need to know about lycanthropy in Skyrim

Let’s define terms.  Lycanthropy is the term that describes the human transformation into a werewolf.  Elder Scrolls delivers werewolves with Skyrim.  In most fantasy and science fiction, lycanthropy is a disease contracted by getting bitten by a werewolf.  In Skyrim, it is no different.

Lycanthrope can be contracted two different ways.   The first is though a werewolf attacking you.  Similarly to contracting vampirism, have the werewolf attack you until you contract the lycanthrope disease.  A strategy for receiving the disease is to single out a werewolf, have it attack you, and just heal constantly (magic or pots) while it attacks you.  Eventually you should get the disease.

The more popular way to become a werewolf is though the Companions Guild in Whiterun.  After you complete the quest with the Jarl of Dragonreach in Whiterun, you can visit the Companions.  Complete their quests and then meet them in Underforge.  One mystical ritual later, some blood drinking, and wa-lah, you are a werewolf.

You can check your status to see if you’ve contracted the lycanthrope disease or not.  Open your magic menu, scroll to the bottom so you can see your ongoing buffs and debuffs.  Blue stats are positive stats while red ones are negative.  If you see lycanthropy, you are a werewolf. 

Being a Werewolf:

Based on your race and gender, your werewolf will have slightly different coloring.  Becoming a werewolf unlocks 4 new abilities.  These new abilities are unlocked through Radiant Companions Quests.  One of these abilities to turns you into a werewolf once a day.  The other 3 are abilities you can use WHILE you are a werewolf. 


Beast Form – Once per day: Become a werewolf for 2.5 minutes.  Every time you feast on a corpse (done by looting it in werewolf form) you gain an additional 30 seconds to the form.  You also restore 50 HP though your feasts.

Howl of Rage: Fear enemies level 25 and below.

Scent of Blood: Detect Life for 60 seconds.

Howl of the Pack: Summon two wolves to aid you.

As a special note, while you can only turn into a beast once a day, there is a ring you can get that has a power to allow werewolves to transform an additional time per day.  This item is the Ring of Hircine.  Receive this ring though the 'ILL MET BY THE MOON' quest.  Choose to NOT kill Sinding and kill the hunters instead.  You will be rewarded this ring.


  • 100% disease resistance in both wolf and humanoid form.
  • +100 HP, werewolf only.
  • +100 Stamina, werewolf only.
  • Sprint faster than a horse, werewolf only.
  • Wolves treat you friendly werewolf only.
  • Crimes as a wolf don’t carry over to your humanoid form.

Disadvantages (while in werewolf form):

  • Your health doesn’t regenerate, you need to feast to get HP back.
  • Weak to silver and Daedric weapons.
  • Can’t loot or pick up items.
  • Can’t fit in narrow passageways.
  • Your followers may flee, attack you, or do nothing.
  • Citizens will flee or try to fight you.
  • Can’t equip items, use abilities, use spells, use shouts, use items, and can’t open your inventory screen.
  • If anyone watches you transform that is a 1000 GP bounty in that region.

Curing Lycanthropy:

The cure for lycanthropy is permanent.  Once you are cured of the beast within, you can never become a werewolf again.  With that said, here is how it is done.

  • Complete the Companions quest line.
  • A Radiant Quest: Purity becomes available.
  • Cut the head of the Glenmoril Witch.
  • Bring the head to Tomb of Ysmgramor.
  • Draw the wolf spirit out of yourself and defeat it.

Skyrim Armor Guide

  • Xbox 360
  • guide

Nords and ladies, if you are traveling the mean tundra of Skyrim, you must pack protection.  Let’s face it, wolves are everywhere.  Everywhere.  You have bandits, giants, very angry bears, spiders, and let’s not forget dragons who like to drop in at the most inopportune times as well.  Unless you are some sort of mage, you better have armor.  Now I’m not just talking that heavy stuff, but at least something to absorb a bit of things trying to tear you apart out there.  If you want to be sneaky or mobile, I hear ya – but still wear light armor. 

The armor guide is going to tell you the basics you should know before scouring the snow filled cliffs of Skyrim.  Did you want to craft?  This guide will teach you what your smithing goals should be and what to expect.

Armor Types:

Once you create your Skyrim character, a question you are going to want to ask is, “what type of armor will I want to wear?”  Do I want to be a mage, keep mobile, or be tank like?  The two categories for armor are light and heavy.  There is a perk for each category that will make your armor and armor wearing more efficient.  Mage robes actually fall under light armor.  The armors and their categories are listed below:

Light Armor:

  • Robes (all types)
  • Hide Armor
  • Imperial Light Armor
  • Studed Armor
  • Leather Armor
  • Thieves Guild Armor
  • Dark Brotoherhood Armor
  • Nightingale Armor
  • Elven Armor
  • Scaled Armor
  • Glass Armor
  • Forsworn Armor
  • Stormcloak Armor
  • Dragon Armor

Heavy Armor:

  • Iron
  • Imperial
  • Steel
  • Steel Plate
  • Falmer
  • Ancient Nord
  • Dwarven
  • Orcish
  • Ebony
  • Daedric
  • Dragonplate


Before you decide – yes – I want to smith, try to figure out what your smithing goal is.  What is the type of armor you want to smith?  The smithing tree is split into two directions, left and right.  The left direction is for light armors ending at dragon armor.  The right direction is for heavy armors, also ending at dragon armor.  With dragon armor you can make light and heavy armor but it’s unlocked at 100 smithing - so you deserve it.

Light Armor Smithing:

  • Elven Smithing – 30 smithing
  • Advanced Armors (scaled and plate) – 50 smithing
  • Glass Smithing – 50 smithing
  • Dragon Armors – 100 smithing

Dragon armor has the best stats as far as light armor is concerned.  While building your smithing up though and for early game, glass armor is the way to go.  Glass armor is fairly easy to build and very effective early.  If you are taking the light armor approach – I would get 50 smithing as soon as possible, make a full glass armor set, and start collecting dragon bones and scales while getting your smithing to 100.  A full set of Dragonscale armor, with shield, costs 14 dragon scales.

Heavy Armor Smithing:

  • Steel Smithing – 0 smithing
  • Dwarven Smithing – 30 smithing
  • Orcish Smithing – 50 smithing
  • Ebony Smithing – 80 smithing
  • Daedric Smithing – 90 smithing
  • Dragon Armors – 100 smithing

Unlike light armors, which heavy armor is ‘best’ is not so straight forward.  While Dragonplate is at the end of the tree, it is not the best.  Daedric Armor has better stats than Dragonplate.  So why get Dragonplate?  This may seem crazy, but collecting dragon parts is easier than finding all the ebony and Daedric hearts to make a full set of Daedric Armor.  So yes, hunting down dragons is easier than finding the materials to craft Daedric Armors.  Dragonplate requires 13 dragon scales and 6 dragon bones.  A full set of Daedric Armor, with shield, costs 17 ebony ingots, 5 Daedric hearts, and 10 leather straps.  So similarly to how you dealt with light armor, make the inferior Dragonplate until you collect the materials for Daedric Armor.

Side Notes:

  • You can also improve magic weapons through Arcane Blacksmithing – 60 smithing.
  • When you craft the armor, it will have better stats than if you find it due to the perk bonus.
  • To exploit smithing.  Travel to any blacksmith and buy all of their iron ingots and leather straps.  Then craft as many daggers as you can.  Sell them back to the blacksmith.  Fast travel to another blacksmith – do the same thing.  Rest if you need too.  Rinse and repeat and you will have 100 smithing in no time.

Skyrim Companions, Followers, & Marriage Guide

  • Xbox 360
  • guide

Fellow Nords and ladies, has trudging through the tundra of Skyrim become lonely?  Do the numerous dragon skeletons not offer the sort of companionship you desired?  Skyrim is massive, why go alone?  Am I alluding to a sort of co-op or multiplayer in Skyrim – sadly no.  The game has a companion system to have traveling partners, animal companions, and someone to come home too after exhausting day of dragon slaying.  Note: this has nothing to do with the “Companions” or fighters guild.


Throughout the game, you are going to come across NPCs that have a ‘follow me’ speech option.  These are companions that will travel with you into combat and whatever odds and ends you do in the Skyrim world.  These NPCs often want you to do something for them at first; quest rewards, compete a quest for the NPC, or even beat the NPC in a fist fight to get them to follow you.  You can have ONE humanoid follower and ONE non-humanoid follower – like a dog – at one time.

Your followers offer numerous benefits to your Skyrim hero: 

  • Fight: Anytime combat begins they will rush to the melee and join.  There are companions of all types, find one that fits your style of play.
  • Immortal: Followers can’t die unless it’s by your own hands.  If they drop to 0 hit points they fall to their knees and revive at the end of combat.  If you slay a follower on purpose or by accident – they are dead.  There are bugs where certain NPC’s can die so just be aware that there is possibility of your companion CAN die.
  • Mules: If you have all this nifty stuff, but can’t carry it all, hand it to your humanoid companion; non humanoid companions can’t carry your loot. 
  • Gear: Your followers will equip gear you give them if it is better than their starting equipment.  This gives you more customization for your companions.    
  • Command: Companions follow simple commands such as wait, follow, and dismiss.  If you dismiss a character they will return to where they came from.  Once dismissed, you can pick up a new companion or return to that one.

The negatives I’ve come across are only a few.  For one, they get in my way a lot and I have fear of killing them.  Secondly, and more importantly, it’s hard to level up certain skills if you let your companion do too much work.  For example, it’s hard to skill up one handed weapons if the monsters die before I can get there.  Since Skyrim doesn’t really work of experience points, make sure you still participate in combat or you’ll level far more slowly.


Skyrim is a large place.  After playing for hours you’ll start to feel like you are actually in this fantasy world, why not have a fantasy husband / wife to come home too?  Skyrim allows just this to happen.  I was actually not away of this feature at first.  To allow this process to occur some aspects must occur first.  Let’s go over those!

  • Travel to the town of Riften
  • Find and enter the “Bee and Barb” inn.
  • Speak to an NPC named Maramal about the Cult of Mara.
  • Buy the Amulet of Mara off Maramal - 200 gold.
  • While wearing the amulet you have new speech options to court NPCs who can be courted.
  • Maramal will be at the Temple of Mara for the rest of the game.
  • After purposing to an NPC, talk to Maramal at the Temple of Mara and you become married.
  • Side note: Marriage can be heterosexual or homosexual.

That is the marriage process.  Why again would I want to be married though?  This is why:

  • Once married you can move into that NPC’s house or your own.
  • If that NPC has a shop you receive 100 GP a day and some NPCs will start a store upon marriage.
  • Once a day your spouse can cook a meal that increases regeneration of magicka, health and stamina.
  • Lover's Comfort’ is a buff you receive for 8 hours after sleeping in a house with your spouse.  This gives you 15% increase to skill learning.
  • Anyone you marry can become a follower if they weren’t before.