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Tangled in a web of his own making, the bandit had run out of arrows at the most crucial of times and worst yet he backed up into a dead end and was surrounded by massive boulders. With no choice, this genius of highway robbery whipped out a knife hoping that would scare away the lanky Wood Elf holding the long sword and iron shield. Oh, it was almost comical to see the bandit try to take a... Read Review

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New Games on Demand Arrive on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

New Games on Demand Arrive on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Major Nelson has announced that the controversial (then again, what isn't controversial these days?) Xbox LIVE Games On Demand service has been updated with two new titles. For just $29.99 USD and 6 GB of disc space, you can take home-- er, download either Call of Duty 3 or Rainbow Six Vegas 2. However, if you're in Japan, COD3 won't be available to you; instead, you'll have to make do with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Read More