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Enter a group of highly armed, elite mercenaries for hire. Their job: to destroy the Chaos Engine, a vicious machine that is transforming the very fabric of space and time. This mobile version of the Bitmap Brothers' masterpiece lets you choose two of these mighty mercenaries and blast your way through the chaos of levels loaded with warped monsters, fiendish traps, and secret passages. To reach the lethal machine you'll need to work as a team, with the computer controlled player covering your back throughout your perilous mission. You'll need skill to survive horrific monsters, cunning to avoid the fiendish traps and brains to discover secret passages. Defeat the Chaos Engine or face the deadly consequences of failure!

The Chaos Engine - MB Cheats

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Level Password Alternate 2 Q6VXCZID22FP W1V19S2SH21Q 3 B61W9L266ZMO R18VDQWF01VP 4 36Y8T2WK4W2V MZNNPR31LGGR


Enter MCLT64W562 as a password.
Enter YT8BKFQBGYTQ as a password.
World Characters Money Password 1 Thug, Preacher 50000 HHGGFFDDCCBB 1 Navvie, Brigand 10000 JJHHGGFFDDCC 1 Brigand, Mercenary 30000 VVVVVVVVVVVV 1 Gentleman, Navvie 30000 XXXXXXXXXXXX 1 Thug, Gentleman 20000 YYYYYYYYYYYY 1 Mercenary, Gentleman 45000 TTTTTTTTTTTT 2 Thug, Preacher 40000 LQPBK8JWDNBY 3 Thug, Preacher 30000 8H8BKOSWQY7H 4 Thug, Preacher 30000 P28BKM6XMWWK 4 Brigand, Mercenary 20000 PKJKDL1#DFD4