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The Cave is a platform-adventure game based around a magical cave filled with labyrinth like tunnels. The game follows three of seven choose-able characters who set out on an adventure into the cave hoping to learn something about themselves and who they might become.

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The Cave was an idea that creator Ron Gilbert incubated for 25 years. It dates back to his days at LucasArt (then Lucasfilm Games), where he made Maniac Mansion and other adventure games, like The Secret of Monkey Island. So what can one man learn about the genre in over two decades? All that knowledge and experience is summed up in The Cave, which released first on Jan. 22 and is available for a wide variety of platforms: PlayStation 3 (the version we reviewed), Xbox 360, Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), and the Wii U eShop. It’s a platform-adventure game where you (or you and one or two other people) choose three of seven playable characters, each either adhering to existing tropes or breaking them completely. The Adventurer, a classic representation of the genre, is an ambitious... Read Review

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