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  • Available on PC
  • For fans of Action
  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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Game Summary

Browning African Safari is the first game to use real background photos with a full 360-degree view. As you journey through Africa hunting different types of game, you may all of a sudden realize that you are not the only hunter out there. You could start to even question yourself and wonder if you are actually the predator or are you the prey. Mr. Smedley the museum curator has hired you to travel to Africa in search of items for his museum. He will start you with ten thousand dollars. This money will be enough to get you to Africa and allow you to purchase the equipment needed to complete your journey. For each animal taken you will pay trophy fees. Make sure to keep an eye on not only what you take but also how many of them. On your first trip purchase a regulations guide. This will tell you how many animals of each species there are permits available for and the trophy fees for each animal. Be cautious on your adventure and make sure to obey all of the laws. Keep an eye out for dangerous game, because either way you may not make it home.

The Browning African Safari Cheats


Unlock PC
While playing in 3D mode, activate the following cheats by typing in the corresponding code. Create a Herd of Animals spawnall Flight Mode vulture Infinite Ammo hugeguns Make Party Invisible hgwells Mark All Unlicensed Animals flagall Mark Current Position gps View Kill Zones xray Hunting License (Eland) license1 Hunting License (Zebra) license2 Hunting License (Elephant) license3 Hunting License (Kudu) license4
When you are in Africa and can go to the shop, inn and the small village, click on the village. It should take you to a screen that shows a man. Click on him about 4 times. He should talk about hunting and his shorts will turn black. Click on him 4 more times and he will put a shirt on.

Free Money

Unlock PC
For some free money, move the cursor to the upper left-hand corner and press Ctrl-4. Be sure the mouse is all the way in the corner or it won't work.
Normally, poachers are arrested as they attempt to smuggle spoils out of the country. But the savvy hunter can take home poached animals by retiring to their hut (and sleeping) for the reminder of the expedition!