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Since the release of Wii Fit there have been many fitness-based video-games released. Sadly most of these games rehash the same modes that Wii Fit contains without adding anything else. The newest fitness game released is entitled The Biggest Loser, and sadly this game follows the same trend. Unfortunately, this game will not help players lose a lot of weight, but it will help people kickstart... Read Review

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Red Faction Hit with Minor Delay, THQ Announces Several New Games

Bad news for fans of destruction and mayhem, as THQ has announced that Red Faction: Armageddon will miss it's scheduled release in March 2011. The good news is the game isn't slipping far, with a new release date slated for May 2011. While THQ didn't offer a reason behind the short delay, it's likely in the end it will all be chalked up to "polish" and just generally making sure the title is ready to go. Given the franchise's focus on destructible environments plenty of bugs tend to pop up when dealing with collapsing buildings and complex physics so surely a few tweaks had to be made. Don't worry, there's good news after the break! Read More


Interview: Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del Ring

There were tons of games on the floor of E3 2010. None of them quite stood out like the booth with the giant wrestling ring and masked luchadors flying around. Many Americans and Canadians know well the WWE, but Mexico and further south has a rich, colorful history of wrestling unique to that culture. Lucha Libre is highly technical and acrobatic wrestling. Kombo was able to speak with Guillermo Averbuji, who is the producer in charge of the Wii and PSP version of the first ever Lucha Libre video game, Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del Ring. Here is what he had to say about the game, the culture and how that is captured. Kombo: Can you explain some of the differences between Lucha Libre and the style of professional wrestling (like WWE) that American gamers might not notice? In essence, how is Heroes del Ring different from current wrestling game options? Guillermo Averbuj: The differences are many, not only on the aesthetic and cultural side, but also from an athletic point of view. First: The masks. This is a sacred tradition in Lucha Libre. A masked luchador wears his mask at all times; it’s like being a super hero with a secret identity that represents honor and pride. Sometimes masks (and persona) move from generation to generation, creating dynasties, so masks are big deal. El Santo, one of our most famous fighters ever, like a Hulk Hogan type of wrestler, was buried wearing his mask. There is a certain type of match (also found in the multiplayer modes in the game) called Hair vs. Mask (English translation). This exciting match features fighters who wager either their mask or their hair. Loser has his mask ripped off in the ring and exposes his true identity - when that happens that fighter cannot battle for seven years as that character.  Read More


Xbox 360 Slim Not So Slim

I am not entirely convinced that the new so-called low fat Xbox 360 should be regarded as "slim." If you step back and compare it to the original Xbox console, there is not a lot of difference. It could do with a few more Weight Watchers sessions before it comes out, if it is truly to be called Slim. Interestingly enough, any press shots from Microsoft never mention the word "slim," and the official name is just Xbox 360 250 GB Console. Leaner and sleeker are the cleverly chosen words used by Microsoft to describe the console, but they never mention the word slim. This is because they know it's not slim. It is still PHAT with a capital PH. Read More


THQ Developing "Very, Very Innovative" Title for Wii

THQ may not be the first company you think of when it comes to major American publishers, but darn it, they want to be. Already having taken a page out of EA's playbook with their THQ Partners program (which has garnered the next title from Tomonobu Itagaki), the company is now trying to do something many third parties have tried and failed to do: Be successful on the Nintendo Wii. Global VP Ian Curran hinted at the game in an interview with CVG, stating that the game is being made exclusively for the Wii, and would have been the talk of E3 had it been revealed there. Commence speculation after the cut. Read More


Kinect REALLY Hates It When You Lie Down

What u mean I hafta get up? After the dust-up over whether Microsoft's upcoming Kinect peripheral could read the motions of gamers who were sitting down we thought the brouhaha was over. Turns out that's just the tip of the iceberg though, as the device also takes issue with players who lie on the ground. According to Blitz Games CTO Andrew Oliver, lying down breaks Kinect's ability to construct a skeletal structure, rendering it practically useless. Read More


Where Have All the Hardcore Gamers Gone?

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said the disparity between hardcore and casual gamers on the Nintendo Wii is even further apart than what he had previously thought. Where he once believed that the audience was split 50/50, Pachter now said — in a detailed post on consumer Web forum NeoGAF — that the split appears to be more like 25 percent hardcore to 75 percent casual. He said his summation was due to NPD U.S. retail results for 2009. Read More