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In my opinion, all of the Guitar Hero's and Rock Band's prior releases to the release of The Beatles expansion were absolutely necessary in order for this game to work. Players needed to have a familiarity with the gameplay, developers needed to have gone through a couple of iterations in order to fully grasp what work's and what does not. Then, the whole genre had to take off like a... Read Review

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Rock Band 3 Blowout: Fender Guitars, Pro Mode, New Features and More

Harmonix has officially jumped the gun, in every sense of the phrase, today unveiling every detail of Rock Band 3 through a virtual flood of press releases. Between a partnership with Fender, the new realistic pro mode, and a slew of other new peripherals, features and game modes, it is a freaking doozy. Hit the jump for more details than you can even handle. Read More


Rock Band 3 Officially Revealed, Adds Keyboards, Pro Mode

Just like in the real music business, sometimes rumors turn out to be true. The USA Today has gotten the first official look at the game that may very well reinvigorate the waning rhythm game genre, Rock Band 3. As you can see in the image above, the game will add a new 25-key keyboard peripheral, which can be used as a standard lap-based keyboard, or, as was rumored, an 80's-esque keytar. Three part vocal harmonies, seen in The Beatles: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band, are included as well, which allows potentially seven players to play at one time. But that's just the first track off this album. For the full details, and if this could indeed be the game to "save the music", hit the cut. Read More


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitars Revealed

Activision has revealed, via Gizmodo, what appears to be their music game coup de grace in the form of Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock's brand new plastic peripherals. What makes these new guitars special is that the bodies- that's the fat part at the bottom, gamers- are fully swappable, what with the electronics being condensed into the guitar's neck (the long skinny part). Fear not, though, ye rockers who already be well-equipped with plastic guitars galore, for thy ancient weaponry shalt continue to be compatible with this new quest. Oh, the possibilities. Hit the jump for more. Read More


Uncharted 2 Dominates GDC Awards

Last night the stars came out for the 10th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards and Nathan Drake continued his awards season dominance. After winning nearly everyting at the DICE Awards, Uncharted 2 cleaned house at the GDC Awards, taking home five trophies. Hit the jump to see the full list of nominees and winners. Read More


Janie Hendrix Says Jimi is Getting Rock Band Treatment; Harmonix Responds

Could Jimi Hendrix be the next musician to follow Green Day and The Beatles into the Rock Band spotlight? While competitor Activision is easing up on its Hero line of musical games, it seems that Harmonix and MTV Games might be more interested in cranking it up. They not only have Green Day: Rock Band slated for this year, but Janie Hendrix told The L.A. Times that a version centered around her stepbrother's works was due by year's end as well. However, despite the article's claims, Harmonix stated to Joystiq "While we have not made any official announcements regarding Jimi Hendrix and Rock Band, we are excited to say that we are in discussions to bring more of his music to our platform. Stay tuned." Sounds like one of those "someone said something they shouldn't have too early" lines to me. Read More


Amazon Rolls Out Gold Box Deals for Wii is up to their old tricks, and have opened up their Gold Box Deals once again. And today, that can only mean good things for Wii owners. The Deal of the Day is Konami's Walk It Out for just $19.98, a 33 percent discount. Right, I know you guys will be all over that one. Moving on... Read More


"All You Need Is Love" Coming to The Beatles: Rock Band on PS3 and Wii

In The Beatles: Rock Band, if you wanted to play the classic tune "All You Need Is Love", all you REALLY needed was an Xbox 360 - the DLC track was an exclusive to that platform, with all proceeds going to the charity Doctors Without Borders. That promotion ended on January 31, and with it, apparently, goes Microsoft's exclusive rights to the song for their version of the game. Harmonix and EA have announced that the love will be spread around, with the song available for download on Wii February 16 and on PS3 March 4. The track will cost $1.99 on the PS3, or 200 Wii Points. While it's good to see Harmonix being privy to the song's message of equality, seriously, can we get some new DLC up in here? Read More