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Tetris Review

I'm going to sum up this review of Tetris for the PS3 succinctly: it's Tetris, it's in HD, and the Game Boy version has better tunes. If that's enough for $9.99, then you'll have a solid version of Tetris for your 50” TV.But you, my friend, are connoisseurs of the classical puzzle game from one Mr. Alexey Pajitnov. You want to know more? Then let's dive right in the very familiar and ubiquitous... Read Review

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PS Vita

Screw the Vita, buy a PSP

Vito Gesualdi has five good reasons why you should consider skipping the Vita launch and investing in a PSP. Does he have a point, or is he just a cheap bastard? Read More

Vito Gesualdi Jan 13, 2012 | Comments