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Well, not much to say. Anybody knows tetris. In seventies people used to play it on very dumb ASCII terminals of PDP-8. Dumb ASCII terminals and PDP's became extinct but not tetris. This game survived in arcade machines, handheld devices, WindBlows PC's and other strange appliances. Now it's one click away from your browser window

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I'm going to sum up this review of Tetris for the PS3 succinctly: it's Tetris, it's in HD, and the Game Boy version has better tunes. If that's enough for $9.99, then you'll have a solid version of Tetris for your 50” TV.But you, my friend, are connoisseurs of the classical puzzle game from one Mr. Alexey Pajitnov. You want to know more? Then let's dive right in the very familiar and ubiquitous world of Tetris. Most people would jump right into the single-player Marathon mode, in which the core gameplay is as solid as ever. The DualShock controller has that particularly nice D-pad, so very rarely will you make the silly miss-drops that other console controllers seem to struggle with. Really, it's a more than fine representation of basic Tetris. If you want it, you got it.When done with... Read Review

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    Tetris Review

    Ben PerLee Jan 6, 2011