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Experience the Ferrari Racing Legend. The Ferrari brand comes alive in a whole new racing experience with Test Drive: Ferrari. Harvest the speed and power of these highly tuned vehicles through a variety of tracks guaranteed to challenge even the most experienced drivers. From detailed physics to extensive race circuits to sophisticated car models, Test Drive: Ferrari combines the ultimate driving experience with the ultimate sports car brand!

Test Drive: Ferrari Legends Review

One of the more interesting aspects of the racing genre is how ridiculously good most of the games are. Forza, Burnout, and Dirt, for example, are all so complex and engaging that they're really all you'd need to entertain yourself for a few years. Then there are the amazing games that fall into obscurity; Driver: San Francisco and Blur. Hell, even finding time for tentpole series like Need for Speed and Gran Turismo can be difficult. If you're not making the finest racing games of all time, or fulfilling a very specific niche, you probably shouldn't bother. Enter Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, a simulation-style racing game that features 51 Ferrari vehicles and races throughout the company's history. Players compete on the typical assortment of... Read Review

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