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Terraria is an indie game from developer Re-Logic that features Metroid-like gameplay and combines it with Minecraft-esque sandbox mechanics. Don't let those comparisons fool you , though, because Terraria is a game of its own with its own style and personality. Up to eight players can team up on a single server and explore caves, dig deep underground, and battle fierce bosses.

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Let's get all of the misconceptions about Terraria out of the way immediately. Minecraft and Terraria are two very different games. Though they certainly share a few of the same elements, such as building and customizing, Terraria is a lot more combat-oriented and plays more like a side-scrolling action-adventure game. Now let's talk about why you need to play this game!Terraria is like one big playpen. The first step in getting your hands dirty with this virtual toy is to create your very own in-game character. The options are a bit limited here--strange considering the vision of the game--but there are enough customizable attributes to make your character stand out. You can choose a hairstyle, hair color, skin color, and clothing color, and then it's off to the world of Terraria.You... Read Review

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