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Use strategy to defeat your foes in nostalgic Final Fantasy-esque tactics game.

Terra Battle Review

In the last few years, free-to-play mobile games have all taken a fairly similar model and approach. How many games can you think of use a stamina/energy system to determine how often you can play, has characters/units/monsters that are attached to an element that have strength and weaknesses to one another, and has a randomly generated system to use real money to get new characters/units/monsters? Probably more than an entire handful. Mistwalker’s Terra Battle doesn't stray from those models, but it does stand out in some absolutely stellar ways.   Terra Battle brings some powerful names to the table. It's created by Hironobu Sakaguchi – the guy who invented a little well known RPG franchise called Final Fantasy. Oh, and those really amazing... Read Review

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    Terra Battle Review

    Andrew Clouther Nov 9, 2014