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A Look at PlayStation Move's Third Party Support

Sony's Move was revealed at GDC with some first party offerings. Third party support, apparently, is strong as well. Sony announced some of the companies that have planned support for the system's motion controller. On the list are some recognized names, but what types of games can be expected from the rest? How about a recent track record for the lesser known third party companies involved? This list will take practically days to read, so enjoy it. Read More


Microsoft Offering Adult Games to New Zealand Kids Locked Out of LIVE?

Last week, we brought news of a bizarre occurrence in New Zealand, where numerous gamers under the age of 18 were being kicked off of Xbox LIVE without any explanation. It was revealed that it was all a part of Microsoft's master plan to keep kids away from mature content. Apparently, word has spread, and a long-running consumer affairs show, titled "Fair Go," decided to look into matters for themselves and ran a story about it, taking the issue directly to Microsoft itself. Read More


Tenchu Z - 360 - Review

Since its inception on the original PlayStation, the Tenchu series has been providing ninja-stealth action to the masses, taking on ninja arts in a w Read More