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    • iOS: TBA
    • Android: Aug 15, 2013
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Game Summary

Kyle is a nerdy, awkward kid with one special talent: Telekinesis. Help Kyle solve puzzles and navigate through a sinister mountain fortress to uncover an evil secret! When Kyle’s telekinetic powers were discovered, he was sent away to what he thought was a school for gifted children. The ‘school’ turned out to be nothing more than a front for a secret military experiment. Help Kyle escape his captors and reach freedom by using his amazing ability to make objects move. Master the art of telekinesis to solve puzzles and evade guards, fire, lasers and other thrilling deathtraps!

Telekinesis Kyle Review

Telekinesis Kyle wants to be both Portal and Cut the Rope, squeezing a story-driven adventure and a collection of puzzle levels into a mobile, indie-developed package. It falls short of both of those aspirations, but you can’t deny the heart that went into it. Have you ever played a game where you can feel the fingerprints of its developers in every clever touch or unfortunate flaw? TK is that kind of game. It’s hard to get too mad at, though it isn’t without some glaring issues. You are Kyle, a young boy with telekinetic powers, sent to a school for the gifted that’s quickly revealed to be a secret lab. Using your abilities, you must survive over 25 puzzle levels and save the day. The game has both polygonal cutscenes and comic-style sequences that play... Read Review

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