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The free-to-play gaming market is thriving. We're already seeing a number of games on the PC market taking advantage of the format, and console games are getting into the act as well, with Microsoft's Happy Wars leading the charge and Nintendo giving Steel Diver a chance later this year. In the middle of the two, however, is Tekken Revolution, Namco's attempt to get into the... Read Review

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Capcom Announces Online-Equipped Street Fighter III Third Strike

Capcom Announces Online-Equipped Street Fighter III Third Strike

While Street Fighter II was a revolution in fighting games, perhaps the most fondly-loved of the expansive series is Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, released in 1999. While the game was difficult to pick up for fighting newbies, experienced world warriors fell in love with the game's incredibly deep system, beautifully-animated characters and backgrounds, and wide array of colorful combatants. Still popular in tournaments to this day, the game has seen little in the way of a revival, until now. At the same Comic-Con panel where Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono dropped the Street Fighter X Tekken bombshell, he also confirmed that Street Fighter III 3rd Strike was getting geared up for a re-release, with one major change from the original game: Online play. Read More