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Raise your fists and get ready to fight to the brutal finish. The battle comes alive with bone-jarring realism as you pummel your opponent and do your utmost to inflict maximum damage. Your fists are fast and your grip is strong, but will it be enough to help you dominate in the ultimate King of Iron Fist Tournament?

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I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at E3 ’09 and, after being told that my next meeting would be starting a little late, I looked around the enormous room and saw something truly spectacular. It wasn’t a booth babe or some unique attraction. No, this little beauty was something much rarer, especially in America: a real-life Tekken 6 machine. So big, so beautiful, so capable of making grown men cry. The arcade cabinet was an instant throwback to days of public gaming, causing a person like myself to reiterate stories that will no doubt annoy the younger generation and everyone else who doesn’t know what they’re missing.   Perhaps the most amazing thing about the moment (other than watching lines form behind the machine – a truly memorable... Read Review

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