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Tearaway is a “buddy-movie” style adventure, between the player and their new friend, a papercraft messenger from another dimension. Locked away inside their envelope head is a unique message, and to release that message, the player and their friend will need to travel on a rites-of-passage adventure together. Players choose between adventurous messenger IOTA, or female ATOI, to be their faithful companion on their journey through a world inspired by classic stories and folklore.   Inspired by and created specifically for PS Vita, the tactile world of Tearaway is a beautifully crafted 3D open environment built completely out of paper that behaves with the real world physics of actual paper material brought magically to life.

Tearaway Review

Tearaway feels like an olive branch for the creative and lazy. Developer Media Molecule has made a name for themselves with games that allow the player to create, but they’ve never greased the gears of the mind quite like this. Tearaway isn’t a game about creating your own levels or sharing epic remakes of Super Mario Bros. 1-1. It’s about personalizing the world as you play. That means being able to adorn your hero, Iota, with giant boxing gloves, horns, or a pig face. You could remove his eyes completely, or decorate him with naughty bits if you’re into that kind of thing (and then suddenly this isn’t a kid’s game anymore). You can buy pre-made graphics using your collected confetti, or just create your own in an intuitive workshop where... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Tearaway.