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Tearaway for PS Vita

Embark on your own unique adventure through a vibrant papercraft world that you hold in the palm of your hand.



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Review Rating 9.5 Amazing
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Tearaway is a “buddy-movie” style adventure, between the player and their new friend, a papercraft messenger from another dimension. Locked away inside their envelope head is a unique message, and to release that message, the player and their friend will need to travel on a rites-of-passage adventure together. Players choose between adventurous messenger IOTA, or female ATOI, to be their faithful companion on their journey through a world inspired by classic stories and folklore.   Inspired by and created specifically for PS Vita, the tactile world of Tearaway is a beautifully crafted 3D open environment built completely out of paper that behaves with the real world physics of actual paper material brought magically to life.

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