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A new world, new setting, more fantasy! 

Tales of Zestiria Review

To be completely honest, I never played a Tales game before; I've heard plenty of great things about them, but up until now I have never tried one. And with Tales of Zestiria being my first one, I couldn’t be happier. JRPG’s take some sense of commitment, once you start, you know that the ride is going to be a long one. This is true for Tales of Zestiria, the story, characters and world are beautifully crafted, which makes the game hard to put down, despite its long length. The enormous campaign will have you playing for quite some time, but what is the story around Tales of Zestiria even about you ask? Without spoiling the story completely, it's about a young boy named Sorey. Earth is filled with malevolence and it is time for the... Read Review

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