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Tales of Symphonia offers full control of characters through its unique real-time battle system, allowing for the execution and combination of multiple magic spells and special attacks. Including more than a dozen mini-games and side quests, the game redefines the role-playing genre with an emotionally driven storyline transcending more than 80 hours of game play. In addition, Tales of Symphonia features characters designed by renowned Japanese artist Kosuke Fujishima, delivering beautiful anime-style cel-shaded graphics to the game

Tales of Symphonia - GC Cheats

In Heimdal before you enter Torrent forest to battle Kratos and release Origin's seal, talk to Zelos. He will say his "Magic Words", "What will be, will be." Before you go to the Tower of Salvation to battle Mithos, go all the way back to Asgard. Go to the area where Linar and Aisha live then go to the far southeastern part of it. Talk to one of the middle-aged women there. One will say at some point, "What will be, will be.", which is the same thing that Zelos says. taixi gentile.
Once an enemy has been scanned with the Magic Lens, you can keep tabs on their health (particularly useful for the nameless underworld being and other Bosses) by going into the action menu, selecting items, and selecting the Magic Lens. You will be given a call out displaying the creature's current HP/TP. Make sure to exit with B instead of pressing A and using the lens. Also, be sure to scan the enemy at least once. Matu.
Note: This glitch only takes effect before you release the Fire Seal. When in and after battle during the time where it shows how much Grade, experience, etc. that you earned, notice that Collette floats just as if she had wings from after the Fire Seal. Ssgotenks04.
In the House of Guidance, the trade salesman sells Metal Spheres for 8.0 Grade. However, no matter how much Grade you have, he tells you that it is not enough. You will however still lose the Grade; it is as if you spent 8.0 Grade for nothing. Kenneth C. Winterbottom the 4th.
The first time you are in Sybak, in the basement with Kate, examine the "Secret Passageway" before you go through it. It will make the sound of the passageway opening, but the passageway will already be opened. Note: You can only do this once per game. Davidleesr.
When you release the seal for Origin, Mithos will take over Collette's body and fly away. She will leave the party. However, if you have the highest relationship level with Collette you can go back to the Temple Of Darkness and try to enter the hole in the wall on the stairs. She will show up, telling you to be careful even though she is no longer in your party. donna terrelf.
reference: A Klonoa reference can be found in the Presea's Dream Traveler title that you get from George in Altimira (near the end of the game). Dterrymikejustin.
reference: In the slums in Meltolkio a solider is looking for a cute flower girl in the slums, which is a reference to Aeris in Final Fantasy 7. Drakonis_17.
reference: In Palmacosta on the ship by the town square, there are people on the front imitating the famous scene from Titanic. Drakonis_17.
After returning from the scene where you save Genis and Raine from the soldiers by the Tethe'alla Bridge, you can go to Meltokio. However, you cannot go through the gate. Go into the Meltokio Sewer. Eventually you will see the pedestal that allows you to change the Sorcerer's Ring function. Change the function and use the Sorcerer's Ring to shrink yourself. Then, get into a battle. The rats will be bigger, and will deal more damage. Note: It should still work if you have already completed the sewer. Aaron J. Kulhanek.
The following special abilities are either difficult to get or can only be activated when certain conditions are met. Rednal29.
After receiving special items from the Summon Spirits, you can change your weapon's element in order to deal more damage to some enemies. For example, using Water against a Fire-type enemy. Incidentally, some of these allow special techniques once conditions are met. Refer to the "Special abilities" hint for details. Rednal29.
reference: In Flanoir near the Weapon shop are three ice statues. One of them is Pac-Man. Dterrymikejustin.
In the Balacruf Mausoleum (the Wind Seal), you can avoid the spikes that come up from the ground. Simply walk slowly across them (only press the Analog-stick a little) and the spike will not come up. They seem to react to the speed of your movement.
After you defeat the Dark Dragon and go through the doors in Mithos' Castle, go back to Iselia. There will be a little skit with Sheena hearing Corrin's voice. After that, go to the Temple of Martel. Go to where you first met the Angel. You will see Corrine in his true form (Verius), but you will not be able to summon him. Ryan Pagunsan.
Get to the poing you are in Flanoir and Lloyd is talking to Zelos when your about to leave (when you are there to see the doctor). If Lloyds says "Can I trust you?" you will have to fight Zelos. However if Lloyd says "I trust you", then you will not. An easy way to decide is to save the game before you enter Flanoir. Go through the scenes, then see what Lloyd says. It may differ on who you talk to the night before, and it changes occasionally when you talk to Zelos. Charcoal90k.
When you reach Mithos' Castle, defeat the Dark Dragon and open the door. Go through the door, but do not go through the teleporter to Mithos. After you have opened the door and gone through it, go back to Meltokio. Go to the arena and fight in advanced mode with any character to get a personal arena weapon for that person. Guppyboy89.
When fighting through the first ruins towards the Seal of Fire, it is recommended that you get to at least level 13 for each character. If not, the battle with the Boss will either require an absolutely brilliant strategy or result in the death of your party. Also, make sure that Genis has his skills set to only Aqua Edge and/or Icicle if you have obtained that skill; otherwise he will waste TP using skills that will cause very little damage for the cost. Ross Sargent.
It does not matter if you have Kratos or Zelos. They are not really different. They have the exact moves. They also both have Judgment. Zelos is recommended, because he will be able to have his strongest weapon, the Last Fencer. The party should have Lloyd with the weapon that you get from the last sword dancer, Colette with the Angel's Halo her arena weapon. Note: Use Colette, as the enemy you are going to fight is very big. She can do her unison with Lloyd's Stardust Rain. This can result in 112 hits if used on the biggest enemy in the game, The Living Armor. To use it, Colette must use Hammer Rain and Lloyd Sword Rain: Alpha. If you are fighting a small Boss, have Genis and his arena weapon instead, Zelos and his best weapon Last Fencer, and if he has Judgment, use it for unison. His Judgment is his best attack. If you used it at least fifty times, he can randomly use Angel's Judgment (a very strong Judgment that hits over thirty times before an angel appears and does about fifteen more hits; Kratos can also do this). Raine is a must have for any party. She is the best healer in the game.In the unison, have her use Ray if Genis is there. If not, get her to the S side and have her learn Holy Lance. jjroca030.
In Asgard, when sealing the Wind Seal, it is difficult to get into the Seal Room. Light the two lamps next to each other to open a secret room, which has mini pinwheels in the room. Around the entire Asgard ruin there are tablets on the walls, but you cannot read them unless you light the lamps around the tablets, with the original form of the Sorcerer's Ring. When you read the two of them that say something about jewels, and the one that says the cycle of power through the Earth, Gods, and Wind Spirit, it is easy to get into the Seal Room. The Ruby is the red pinwheel, the Pearl is the white pin wheel, the Topaz is the yellow pinwheel, the Wind Spirit is the blue pinwheel, and the Emerald is the green pin wheel. SmartKid1192.
After you go to Mithos' Castle and open the door after you defeat the dark dragon, go to Mizuho. Talk to the person in the chief's house. Go to the Lightning Temple and talk to the spirit of the chief at the altar where you fought Volt. Go back to Mizuho and the chief will wake up. He will ask for Sheena to spend a day at Mizuho. When you return, you will see that Sheena has been chosen for the next chief, and you will get Sheena's alternate chief costume. Ryan Pagunsan.
Use the following trick to defeat the Dragon Knight in advanced mode in the coliseum with Genis and Raine. Wait until it flies up into the air, then run underneath it. If you are lucky, the dragon will land on you, and you should be able to cast spells without having to worry about getting hit. Try to use spells that do not make the enemy move to the left or right (Photon with Raine; Lightning, Thunder Blade, or Indignation with Genis). This could also be applied to Zelos or Kratos if you are having trouble with them. Karadur Atani.
To defeat Phantom Knight, a powerful monster in Derris-Kharlan, you must equip the Diamond, which you get from Origin, to your lead character. After this is done, only your lead character can cause melee damage to it, unless you use a union attack against it and it will take damage. Ax3001.

Hint: Combos

In a fight, press Forward + A, Forward + A, A, Sword Rain: Alpha (Sword Rain, Sonic Sword Rain, Sword Rain: Beta may also work), Hunting Beast (Raging Best also works). In this combo, you will stun the enemy, (or make the enemy fall and use time to stand up ), which gives you time to give to do extra damaging attacks to them and is also a good opportunity for spellcasters to cast quickly without being disturbed.
After you Defeat the Dark Dragon and go through the doors in Mithos' Castle, go back to Meltokio. Go to Zelos' Mansion. Girls will be there, talking to Zelos in a mini-skit. After the skit he will wear a mask to get away from the girls.
In order for Zelos to have roses, you must have Zelos' Narcissist title and the Devil's Arm "Fafnir". Equip them both at the same time. Fight a few battles and eventually his dagger will turn into a few roses. After the battle, Zelos' roses will disappear. Pamelalee.
The items that Zelos charms from females using his Personal EX Skill is dependent on his luck rating, which changes every time he talks to a female. You can increase his chances of getting good items (for example, Energy Tablets, Hourglass, Rune Bottle) by equipping him with two Rabbit's Feet. These can be bought in Luin. It is a good idea to buy them early, before you meet Zelos, to get a head start on the item collecting. Robb Ross.
After you defeat the Dark Dragon and go through the doors in Mithos' Castle, go back to Altamarina Then, go to the Larzeno Company and into the president's office. Talk to the old man and you will get the "Klonoa Costume". Ryan Pagunsan.
Get the title "Little Madam" from the Dance Party sub-event and purchase the Axe "Pow Hammer DX" from Luin after rebuilt. Equip both the title and axe and fight numerous battles. Have Presea in your team fighting. If done correctly the axe will randomly turn into a pink bunny with a blue vest for one battle, but that you can do many times over. After the battle when Presea uses the stuff bunny, the axe will turn back to its original form. It may take many battles before it turns into the stuffed bunny. SukkahGotServed.
After you Defeat the Dark Dragon and go through the doors in Mithos' Castle, go back to Asgard and run to the Ruins all the way up. The people of Asgard will want Raine to perform the ritual again, and she will keep the Maiden costume. Ryan Pagunsan.
After you defeat the Dark Dragon and go through the doors in Mithos' Castle, go back to Meltokio. Run all the way to the church where you will find two Wonder Chefs. Run up to them, and you will find both of them arguing about an "ultimate recipe". Then the original Wonder Chef will disappear, and you will have a cook off with the other chef. You automatically win. Soon after, the original wonder chef will appear again and give Regal his "Wonder Chef" costume. Ryan Pagunsan.
Make a party with at least Lloyd, Genis, and Raine. Raine must know Ray and Genis must at least know Explosion, Tidal Wave, Cyclone, Indignation, or Ground Dasher. Perform a Unison Attack on any enemy using Raine's Ray, one of the above mentioned spells for Genis, and any attack from Lloyd. If done correctly, after the characters perform their individual attacks Raine and Genis will perform Prism Stars, causing at least 1,200 damage and 30 hits with Lloyd and another character adding even more hits. It is possible to score 72 hits using this technique with Lloyd performing Raining Tiger Blade. You can also use this to do a lot of damage to Bosses. GeminiDragon588.
To obtain this title you must perform a 100 hit combo. To do this easily have both Colette and Lloyd in the party. Lloyd must know either Sword Rain: Alpha or Sonic Sword Rain. Colette must know Hammer Rain together in unison attack. Their attack will become Stardust Rain. If you use this against a very large enemy such as the Dragon, the Gold Dragon, or the Dark Dragon, it will hit them approximately 85 times. Add that to the combos you had before and you should be well over 100. At the end of the battle Lloyd will get the title, Combo Master, which is his best title except for the one he can get in Derris-Kharlan. Yggdrasill4000.
Press A + Forward, A(2). This will result in four hits instead of the standard three. If you have the "Add Combo" Ex skill on, press A + Forward, A + Down, A(2). This will result in five hits instead of four. Follow this with a hit heavy combo such as Sword Rain-Tiger Rage-Tempest Beast or Sword Rain Beast to maximize your combo rating. Jake Clark.
After you save Pietro and Luin is destroyed, you can give money to build the city back. This requires more than 500,000 Gald. When you donate money, do not give away more than 70,000 Gald at a time. When you donate enough money, Pietro will tell you that he is going on a journey. After this, go to the pier where the boat is at in Luin. You will see Aifread. Talk to Aifread and buy the boat for 3,000 Gald. Leave the town, re-enter, and talk to him again. Answer "Yes" to his question to get Lloyd's alternate pirate costume. Guppyboy89.
After defeat the Dark Dragon and going through the door, go into the castle in Meltokio and find two maids facing each other. Talk to them and an intermission sequence will begin where Colette runs errands for a rich woman. After this, you will receive 100 Gald and the title: Maid, which lets you wear a maid costume. Beth.
After you defeat the Dark Dragon and go through the doors in Mithos' Castle, go back to Meltokio. Go to the slums and you will find a boy chasing a Kats. Genis will follow the boy and the Kats will get away. Afterwards, talk to the Kats in the item shop near the secret entrance. He will tell you to talk to the elder in Kats Village in Sylvarant. When you talk to the Elder Kats, he will give Genis a Kats costume. You will have to return to the slums. After that, watch the intermission sequence and Genis will keep the Kats costume. Ryan Pagunsan.
This trick requires the level 4 Ex skill Spell Charge and works best in combination with Concentrate. Note: Kratos and Zelos have Concentrate. Super Chain, Spell Charge, and another level 4 skill, Hold B while casting. When the character starts flashing, press A before releasing B. Press A again, or use any non-magical special move (including Guardian/Force Field). The spell will use 0 TP. Combined with the Slasher EX skill, Kratos and Zelos will become the ultimate "Jack of all trades" in the game. Adam Whyte.
Instead of waiting to get the Derris symbol to get into the Coliseum, you can go there immediately after the Flanoir doctor part by choosing to have Kratos in your party and going to the Coliseum just before the Cruxis raid to get the Last Fencer (the strongest sword in the game next to the Devil's Arms). The Last Fencer can also be equipped by Kratos. Bloooninja.
In order to find the Summon Spirit Maxwell, you must first find the Derris Emblem in Derris-Kharlan (which is late in the game, near the end ). Then, go to Exire (Half-elves village ) and go to the house with a man inside. He is the person that says that a team of half-elves and humans is a rare combination. Go up the stairs in front of his house and walk around to get to the back, which leads to secret passage. Walk until you see a tombstone. Equip the Ring of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind (which are Ruby, Aquamarine, Opal, Garnet). Then, you will fight Maxwell. He has 60,000 HP (easy mode in the customize menu) or 90,000 HP (hard mode). He also knows strong level 3 magic spells such as Thunder Arrow, Raging Mist, and Meteor Swarm. Me Myself.
Have Raine use a Magic Lens on an enemy. That will fill the "Location" part of the enemy profile in the Monster List. Kevin Veighey.
The Devils Arms are a set of cursed weapons you can find that appear to have very little attack power. However, after you defeat Abyssion in the Darkness Temple, try equipping them to defeat a monster. Each time they are used to kill a monster, they will become more powerful. These weapons can become the most powerful weapons in the game if you have the patience to battle with them. Vincenttoast.
When Lloyd is low on health (health is in the red) and has the weapon "Material Blade" equipped, he can use a secret tech called the Falcon Crest. To use this tech, press X + A + B. Note: Lloyd must have the title "Eternal Swordsman" in use when attempting this tech. Guppyboy89.
In order for this trick to work, you must have already fought Seles with Zelos, then have gone on to fight Zelos later in the Tower of Salvation. Go through the Advance Class battles again with Lloyd. After you have received your prizes, Seles will return to the Arena and try to take revenge for her brother's death. If you defeat her, you get another Last Fencer and another item. You may need to face her after already going through Vinheim and getting the Sacred Stone; or have obtained the Derris Emblem. Ross Sargent.
Note: You must have Sheena in your party. After you drop off Presea in Ozette, go to Sybak. Beside the library will be a shop or two and a pile of junk. Go to the junk pile, and an intermission sequence will start. Follow along with the sequence. At the end you will receive a Pink Pearl Ring. which is listed as a valuable item. Note: The person you must talk to has black hair.
Use the ring on the pin wheels in this order to open the door on the right side: red, green, yellow, white, blue. For the one on the left, it is: blue, red, yellow, white, green. jddk.
To fight Seles (Zelos' sister), go to the Meltokio arena after you get the emblem from Derris-Kharlan. Complete beginner and intermediate modes to unlock advanced mode. Complete advanced mode twice with any character to fight Seles in an extra match. By winning the match you will get Zelos' best weapon, the Last Fencer. Guppyboy89.
Tn order to fight Garr, Meredy, and Farah from the previous Tales Of Destiny games, get near the end of the game when you have to defeat the dark dragon just before the ultimate battle against Mithos. Leave Derris Kharlan after obtaining the Derris Emblem. You will now be able to participate in the coliseum tournaments. After winning the advanced single tournament you will be able to participate in party tournaments. Win the beginner tournament and you will be able to fight in the advanced tournament. Before fighting the advanced tournament, set the difficulty on "Mania". Win the advanced tournament and you will have to fight an unexpected exhibition match against Garr, Meredy, and Farahf. Note: You will be able to use items. graysonh7.
After you have met Altessa, leave then go back to his house this time with Zelos as your on-screen character. If you see Tabatha standing by the stove, talk to her. Lloyd will then appear as the on-screen character. Follow through the sequence that plays and she will teach you the recipe for curry, a dish that you cannot learn from the Wonder Chef. If this does not work the first time, then go back a short time later.
Go to the city of Lzoold and go to the boat dock. Find your wanted poster at the dock. There will be a person in a pink cat suit here, Emo-Katz, and he or she will ask you to play "EB". Play it and choose easy for Apple Gels, normal for Life Bottles, or hard for Lemon Gels. You will get five of them if you win. You can do this as many times as desired. You can sell the Lemon Gels for 500 Gald at the shop above Emo-Katz. Play EB four times and win to get 20 Lemon Gelss and sell them to get lots of Gald. william george.
If you go north from izoold without doing two things to get on the boat it will cause the boat to disappear. However, you are not stuck. You will find the girl again, but you must do other things first. This is also an opportunity to get Sheena. This will require a lot of leveling up, but is worth it. There are also two seals that can be opened. You must go to Himma and tell the woman that you are Sheena's friend. This will get you started towards getting Sheena. Luin will be attacked by the Desians and you must save it. You must save the girl being sacrificed to the fake Wind Guardian. Then, open that seal. You can also go through the Tower Of Mana and release a seal. After doing everything that you can, you should have Sheena in your party and the boat and Lyla will be in Izoold, ready for you. You much more powerful than you actually need to be to do everything needed in Palmacosta and the surrounding areas. SlayerRyne.
To fight a Bacura, the big solid Mana blocks in the Toize Mines, go to the last room, where you get the ore. There will be a one-eyed monster in there. fight it. Sometimes it will be a couple of Stone Golems with some other monsters, and sometimes it will be a Bacura. Just run away if it is not a Bacura and re-encounter it. The Bacura has 255 HP and you can only drain one. Also, it disappears after thirty seconds. Janus Zeal.
Get all nine Darkness Weapons and go to the Darkness Temple to fight Aviation. wilsontilaka88.
Successfully complete and save the game, then reload the cleared game file. The "Game Record", "Sound Test", and "Mania" options will now be unlocked at the title screen. Also, go to the Grade Shop to access new items. wilsontilaka88 and Nuralataion.
To unlock the Grade Ship complete the game and save when prompted. Start the game again using the cleared game file. The game will prompt you to insert Disc 1. Upon doing so, you are taken to a screen where you can purchase various options with the Grade that you collected throughout the game. Note: You will receive 1000 extra Grade by defeating the final boss. The following things can be purchased at the shop. Nuralataion.
You can view the script of all the Z skits by going to Katz Island on Sylvarant and talking to the mayor (the cat that spins) several times. You can view the script for all the conversations, even ones you have not had yet.