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New 'Tales of...' Game Announced for Wii

Nintendo just announced a new "Tales of..." game at their Japanese press conference. It is somehow related to the word "mothership." We're pretty sure it isn't called "Tales of Mothership" because mothership isn't a made up word like Phantasia or Ratatosk or Vesperia. We'll keep you posted when more details become available. Read More


Tale of Disappointment, Tales of Innocence No Longer US/Europe Bound

In a recent interview with Cubed3, Bandai Namco's Hideo Baba revealed that Tales of Innocence would not be coming to the US or Europe. When asked about the chance of seeing Tales of Innocence cross the Pacific Ocean Baba stated, "I'm sorry to say that there are currently no plans at this point." The only chance of seeing this title being released in the US and Europe is if Nintendo intervenes and strikes a deal with Bandai Namco, much like they did with the eventual release of Tales of Phantasia on the GBA; however, as it stands now we won't be indulging in one of the finest Tales RPGs in recent years. Read More