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The popular RPG series by Namco Bandai returns to PlayStation 3 with this port of the Wii hit Tales of Graces. In addition to the full game refreshed for this HD console, PS3 owners can look forward to additional costumes, new story elements and new battle skills.

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I am a rather big fan of Namco Bandai's Tales series, ever since I first played Tales of Destiny II (aka Tales of Eternia) on the original PlayStation. At that time, it was my favorite game — a combination of Super Nintendo RPG aesthetics with the colorful anime graphics and voices to which I was addicted. One day, I found myself playing on my father's giant television, while my stepmother watched bored from an armchair, waiting for Wheel of Fortune's timeslot so she could banish me to the basement and watch the big colorful wheel spin around in peace. During one of the game's particuarly cliched "let's save the world" speeches, my stepmother felt it necessary to try and speak with this disgusting creature occupying her living room... Read Review

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