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Hail to the King Baby: Duke Nukem Forever Confirmed (Again)

Hail to the King Baby: Duke Nukem Forever Confirmed (Again)

The saga of Duke Nukem Forever may be one of the most unlikely tales in gaming. It's the most infamous example of "vaporware" in existence, having been in development for ten years before 3D Realms, the studio behind it, was shut down last year. At the time, it was seen as the final nail in the coffin for Duke. Rumors that the game is actually still underway have been met with both derision and indifference, but today at PAX, it's been confirmed - the King is back, and you'll never guess who's making it happen (or maybe you will, if you've been paying attention). Find out who's been handed the reigns after the break. Read More

kombo Sep 3, 2010 | Comments