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Robin Hood Review

The tale of Robin Hood has been retold through many mediums, including countless books, movies, TV shows, and games. In an unlikely turn of events, t Read More

Mike Splechta Nov 24, 2010 | Comments
Halo: Reach Review

Halo: Reach Review

The uninitiated often ask what sets Halo apart from other games - what exactly is it that's made it so popular over the last decade? Fans will disagree on what to tell them: Is it the "thirty seconds of fun" Bungie themselves often refer to, the half-minute battles that add variety and excitement to each player's experience? Is it the galaxy-spanning story of humanity's desperate struggle against a genocidal alien race that inspires the fanaticism of Halo devotees? Or is it the sheer number of choices presented to players through every facet of each game in the series? Hit the jump for the rest of the review. Read More

kombo Sep 11, 2010 | Comments
ESRB Entertains with Rating Descriptions for Final Fantasy XIII & Mass Effect 2

ESRB Entertains with Rating Descriptions for Final Fantasy XIII & Mass Effect 2

The addition of rather in-depth summaries for games rated by the ESRB has provided a bit of entertainment amongst gamers for some time now. And in some cases, it has even convinced people to look into buying games they weren't interested in or were previously uncertain of. Two of the latest come from a pair of upcoming role-playing games, Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII and BioWare's Mass Effect 2, whose predecessor caused a bit of a stir over what many considered to be nothing. But now, people can go in knowing full and well what sort of sexual and violent content they can expect. Read More

kombo Dec 17, 2009 | Comments